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From Japanese Cheesecake To A Gaajar Ice Cream: Best Dessert Joints In Mumbai

2019 Interested |

Stressed spelled backwards is desserts. And that should be enough motivation to go dessert crawling and satiate those sweet cravings. Mumbai has all the unique desserts of the world. So if you're confused by the multiple options Google gives you, trust our list of the best dessert joints in the city.

From a Japanese cheesecake to even something as unique as a 'Gaajar' ice cream, here's a locality-wise list of places that make the most drool-worthy desserts of Mumbai. Bookmark 'em all, and eradicate all that stress, one dessert at a time! 

In & Around Bandra

Daniel Patissier

This hidden gem sitting quietly inside Jim-me’s Kitchen in Bandra has the cheesecake of our dreams. They make a scrumptious Japanese cheesecake with a light and cloudy texture. The flavoring is perfectly balanced and the crust is moist. You don’t find it at too many places in Mumbai, but you do at Daniel Patissier! They also whip up a panorama of colorful macarons (moist and crumbly), with flavors that include peanut butter, Nutella, saffron and almonds, salted caramel, key lime pie, and others. 

Known For: Japanese cheesecake a.k.a the Kyoto Lite cheesecake, almond Rochers, macarons 

Shell Out: INR 300 onward 

Chantilly Cafe

This small bakery has a very vintage vibe to it. There's a wooden staircase and a cosy sitting place on the first floor, and a small counter with the display of the desserts on the ground floor. This tiny bakery's masterpiece is the Liege cinnamon buns, or the liege waffles, which are soft and fluff. Topped generously with Philadelphia cream cheese frosting, caramel sauce, and cinnamon sugar, these buns are absolutely to die for! (Try them for a serious sugar rush). Ypu can also go for their hot chocolate. Every sip is delish! 

Known For: Liege cinnamon buns, Nutella cheesecakes, hot chocolate 

Shell Out: INR 270 onward 


Cheeky with its flavors, the ice creams at Bono are arguably some of the best in Mumbai. And the best of the best? Their sinful and rich Dark Chocolate Sea Salt. Have it in a waffle cone with an extra sprinkle of sea salt! All their ice creams are made using organic milk, and non contain any preservatives. Their other unthinkable flavors include milk chocolate bacon, blue cheese honey, Pondicherry vanilla, and more. 

Known For: Dark chocolate sea salt ice cream, seasonal ice creams, milk chocolate bacon 

Shell Out: INR 210 onward (for 125ml); and INR 750 (for a 500ml tub) 

The Blue Gourmet

Ice cream wada pav, anyone?

The Blue Gourmet nestled in the quint lanes of Bandra does it! With melt-in-the-mouth bonbons and ganache cubes, this luxury confectionery curates experiential and innovative desserts, and bean-to-bar chocolates, to tantalize your tastebuds. All of their desserts are organically produced, with the finest quality ingredients. Some of our favourites from this place include honey, dates, and almond bonbon, blue curacao liqueur ice cream, and Kashmiri rose berry with almond milk. 

Known For: All bean-to-bar chocolates, thick ganaches like milk chocolate and organic coffee, artisanal ice creams with Mexican buns (must-try)

Shell Out: INR 150 onward 

In & Around Andheri

The Boston Cafe & Patisserie

Cupcakes so nice we couldn’t pick just one here! These moist and delicious beauties at the Boston Cafe & Patisserie are worth every penny. but we’re particularly fond of the chocolate blueberry, chocolate ganache, Nutella, and Boston cream pie cupcakes here. 

Known For: Cupcakes (like we said, cannot select one) 

Shell Out: INR 110 onward 

P.S: They also have a branch in Malad 

Ice Cream Factory & Shahi Durbar

Shahi Durbar and Ice Cream Factory’s outlet in Andheri East serves over 400 kinds of desserts which are making our sweet tooth very happy. From freak shakes to faloodas, this place has every dessert you can think of (including a few unique ones) Famous for their nitro mango ice cream that is topped with fresh cream and chopped mangoes, the outlet is also known as the falooda king because of their larger than life faloodas (topped with cut up kulfis) Are you drooling already?

Known For: Ice cream flavors like nitro mango, lotus biscoff, and cookie and cream. Try their faloodas and rabris too. 

Shell Out: INR 120 onward 

Sweetish House Mafia

How many times do crave for one really big, really good Nutella sea salt cookie, all for yourself? Well if you're living in Andheri, just head straight to Sweetish House Mafia. Their cookies have the perfect gooey center and are slightly crisp around the edges. Take a bite and there will be Nutella or chocolate oozing out of the cookie but the light sprinkle of sea salt perfectly balances out its sweetness. 

Known For: This place is famous for all its uber-perfect cookies, so maybe, just try all for them for dinner someday! 

Shell Out: INR 130 onward 

P.S: They also have an outlet in Lower Parel 

In & Around South Mumbai

K Rustoms

We had to kick off this section with K Rustoms for obvious reasons. The best, iconic (and the most affordable) dessert place in South Mumbai, they serve old-school ice cream sandwiches in unique flavors, and a pinch of nostalgia. An Iranian ice-cream parlour that was set up in 1953, whips up flavors like paan, gaajar, pista, walnut crunch, ginger lemon, and even a doodhi. 

Known For: A drool-worthy walnut crunch ice cream sandwich, rum and raisin, and mint ice cream sandwich 

Shell Out: INR 60 onward 

Bombay Sweet Shop

This fancy sweet shop, also an excellent byproduct of The Bombay Canteen, gives a new (and tastier) spin to the classic Indian mithai. The Bombay Sweet Shop has a Mithai Bar as you enter, a Chikki Bar, and even a counter where Indian-inspired sweets are crafted, the dish depending on the hour of the day. There's ghevar tart, Ferrero rocker laddoos, a puranpoli ice cream, and even a caramel custard popsicle. Our mind was blown, and these desserts will have the same effect on you! 

Known For: Unique sweets like Ferrero rocker laddoo, kaju marzipan bonbon, and ghevar tart

Shell Out: INR 400 onward 

145 Kala Ghoda

145 in Kala Ghoda isn't really a dessert place, but ask anyone in Mumbai about freak shakes and they'll mention this place. So if you're an ardent fan of indulgent milkshakes topped with all sorts of ingredients and goodies, this place is for you. 145's special freakshake menu boasts of some of the most amazing flavors like salted caramel, cookie dough (yum), mint milk chocolate, brownie waffle, strawberry freakshake, mango milkshake, and to top it all, a boozy concoction a.k.a Baileys, loaded with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Salivating already? We thought so.

Known For: The freak shakes (all of them are good- tried and tested), four-layered chocolate bomb, vegan chocolate cake 

Shell Out: INR 275 onward 

In & Around Kandivali

Brain Freeze Ice Cream & Desserts

Perfect for both chocolate and fruit lovers, Brain Freeze has a huge variety of scoops, waffles, shakes, and sundaes.  The wild orange sorbet takes you back to your childhood, and the jazz coffee waffle makes you salivate. Here, you can also dip your ice cream cone and waffles in their dipping and toppings bar, to customize yourself a flavor that you love. 

Known For: Jazz coffee waffle, mango and jamun sorbet 

Shell Out: INR 80 onward 

Ari & Vin

There's Chowpatty ka gola, and then there's Ari & Vin serving fancy golas made with unique flavors put together, and sprinkled with lots of dry fruits, for that shaahi touch. Do not give it a miss if you're around, and are a fan of golas. They also serve a wide range of shakes and waffles - berry waffles were our favorite pick from here. 

Known For: Rajvadi Golas, strawberry cheesecake, berry waffles, and Nutella shakes. 

Shell Out: INR 230 onward 

Special Mention

No Mumbai dessert list will ever be complete without the mention of Theobromas. With multiple outlets across the city, they make mouth-watering brownies, cookies, tarts, cupcakes, cakes, pastries, Tiramisu, and mousse. You name it, and they have it! 

Known For: Millionaire and choco-chip brownies and lemon tarts

Shell Out: INR 100 onward 


If you're fond of visiting old and iconic dessert parlors and bakeries in Mumbai, then here's something you must keep handy!