Rushabh posted on 24th June

Have You Tried The Top Ten Cheesiest And Yummiest Fries In Mumbai?

Now let’s be honest here – Simply who doesn’t love fries? Those long chunky fresh pieces of potatoes, sprinkled with salt and served with ketchup! “Fries over guys!” anytime right? So if you call yourself a “fries” person and are still drooling over McDonald’s and Burger King fries, then it’s about time you need to read this list. Presenting to you the best of fries that Mumbai city has to offer.

The J Cafe

If you really love your fries, then it’s hard not to know the name of this place that has quite literally become the synonym for those adorable fries. The icing on the cake – they have not restricted their menu simply to the normal plain salted fries. Everything from schezwan to mayonnaise and all that comes in between with toppings of chicken, pizza, nuggets or just the plain old sauces, you can literally customise your fries according to your wishes.

#LBBTip: Psst…they serve fries for Jain as well.

Fast Food Restaurants

The VJ Cafe

For those studying at the “Bollywood” of colleges aka Mithibai and NM colleges, they might already be aware of this place. For those who don’t, read on. A “vegetarian-only” place, this tiny cafe nestled in the lane opposite Bhaidas auditorium is rightly made for all the fries aficionados out there. Similar to the J Cafe in both the name and the style, VJ has a way lot of variety for all our herbivore friends out there! Also, Jain versions are available.

Fast Food Restaurants

Doolally Taproom

Famous for their mind-blowing apple ciders and fun-filled ambiance, another hit from the makers of Doolally is their plate of house fries, complemented with five different sauces. Thicker than the other places and crunchier to say the least, hands down one of the best places to have fries.

Tea Villa Cafe

Now, let the word “tea” not confuse you, because this beautiful place is not just famous for its wide variety of teas but also for the unique ambiance that is distinctly different in each of their outlets and of course their sinful chocolate waffles and yep, their fries.

A favorite with the regulars, their mac n’ cheese fries are literally the cheesy combination, macaroni and cheese on a base of fries. Also, their Villa Special fries basket is a dish straight out of heaven for all the fries fans out there – a basket full of wedges, fries and sweet potato fries, this is one of their stellar dishes.

Zulu Terrace

Dinshaw's Express Cafe

Housed in the lanes frequented by small time actors and famous TV personalities, Dinshaw’s is one of those places you can definitely call a “celebrity haunt”. If you like your food spicy, then their Cheesy Messy Fries is definitely the perfect dish to satiate you. And if simply having fries was not enough for you, then Dinshaw’s gives you the option to have them on a pizza, inside a burger and even inside waffles.

145, Kala Ghoda

Quench All Day Pub

Trendy Taste

Not a restaurant, but a mere stall yet serves these delicious twirly fries. Priced at a mere Rs.50 and Rs.70, they are sure to tick your taste buds!