Check Out This Place For Some Irresistible Momos & More!

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Momos and the chutney which is served with it makes it the best combo to go for. I always prefer steamed momos to be served hot, so whenever I used to order momos I was disappointed because they always were cold and did not taste well at all. But then to solve my problem came Fusionry kitchen, making tandoori momos and reshmi tikka momos.
Yes, you heard it right Tandoori momos and Reshmi Tikka momos. Those who love a bit more spicy then they must go for Tandoori momos and the taste of Reshmi Tikka momos was exceptional. Both tandoori momos and Reshmi tikka momos were very appealing and tempting.
The menu of Fusionry Kitchen is quite good and they have pretty reasonable prices. You can directly order from zomato by searching Fusionry kitchen if you stay near Santacruz, and if you stay far and want to try then you can message them, they will arrange the delivery or else you can arrange by using wefast.