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Utterly, Butterly Good: Best Pav Bhajis In Mumbai

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If you’re a Mumbaikar, we're sure you already have a favourite pav bhaji joint in the city. But in case you're a lover of this popular Maharashtrian snack but aren't aware of the best places yet, allow us to spoil you for choice. From the spicy, eye (and mouth) watering ones to the more moderate ones, the following places serve some of the best pav bhajis in Mumbai. Read on, foodies! 

Amar Juice Centre, Vile Parle

Amar Juice Centre is a street food favourite. They're said to add their ‘secret’ chutney powder and a self-made pav bhaji masala that adds a unique flavour and coats the pav bhaji with a tangy zest. Ever crowded, this place is home to one of the best pav bhajis in Mumbai, and attracts everyone from college students to office goers and tourists who have oh-so-often heard about Amar Juice Centre and its legendary status. 

Shell Out: INR 150 per plate 

Sardar Pav Bhaji, Tardeo

Yet another legendary place for you to savour the best pav bhaji in Mumbai, Sardar Pav Bhaji adds a massive dollop of butter to their bhaji. While going here, make sure to leave out all preconceived dietary notions and come with an open heart and an empty stomach. Trust us, you will not regret it. 

Shell Out: INR 155 per plate 

Gypsy Corner, Dadar

While Gypsy Corner does rank their staple as among the best pav bhaji in Mumbai, the place has a large variety of local dishes on offer, most of which are Maharashtrian delicacies that make for incredibly filling meals. Adding to that is the expert pricing, and you get some of the most value-conscious and delish dishes in the city.

Shell Out: INR 105 per plate

Cannon Pav Bhaji, Fort

Cannon Pav Bhaji is nothing short of a legend in the city, constantly serving what happens to be one of the best pav bhajis in Mumbai. The bhaji is packed with flavour, the pav is slathered generously with butter, and the dish is served with onions and a slice of lemon to spice up your shoestring budget lunch. Office-goers have frequented the place since forever, and there is no reason to wonder why.

Shell Out: INR 140 per plate

Mohammad Nasir Pav Bhaji & Bhurji Centre, Andheri

This is another place on this list that has more iconic items on the menu, and remains open till the wee hours of five in the morning. The yummy pav bhaji is certainly among the best late-night eats in Mumbai, but the story doesn’t end there. Be sure to try out their biryani and bhurji pau, and there is no way that you will leave disappointed.

Shell Out: INR 130 per plate

Achija, Ghatkopar

They offer the softest Masala and Khada Pav Bhajis in Mumbai that simply melt in the mouth. Open till 1 AM, this one too, must be added in your list, especially if you're visiting Ghatkopar East anytime soon. Also, if you're there, don't forget to gorge on the cheese pau bhaji. 

Shell Out: INR 180 per plate 

Maruti, Vile Parle

What attracts people is the absence of any artificial colouring agent among their Pav Bhaji ingredients. That not only makes it a much sought after Pav Bhaji place, but also helps it gain trust amongst the daily pau bhaji consumers. This one is highly economical, and super tasty. 

Shell Out: INR 130 per plate 

Manohar Pau Bhaji, Girgaum

This one is as old as 100 years and the intense aroma of the bhaji pulls us towards it, every time we are near the Opera House. All of their ingredients are home-made, including the chilly and garlic paste spruced with capsicum and coriander. Oh, and they have Jain Pav Bhaji variations too. 

Shell Out: INR 160 per plate

Shiv Sagar, Kemps Corner

If super buttery pav bhaji is not your speed (sorry, Sardar Pav Bhaji fans), you'll like the tasty pav bhaji at Shiv Sagar. This is a classic and it is no wonder that it has its loyal fans who head here to get their pav bhaji fix regularly. Besides the classic pav bhaji, they also have other options like Cheese Tomato Pav Bhaji and the Shiv Sagar Pav Bhaji. 

Shell Out: INR 180 onwards per plate

Guru Krupa, Ghatkopar East

A Ghatkopar East staple, Guru Krupa is usually bustling, especially in the evenings. The is a no-frills place to enjoy a plate of pav bhaji and the balance of masala and buttery pav is absolutely spot on. It can get a bit spicy, so you can ask for less masala if you can't handle too much spice. 

Shell Out: INR 180 onwards per plate