Crunchy & Delicious: Where To Get The Best Vada Pav In Mumbai

    Do you ever wake up dreaming about a vada pav? Have you travelled the length and breadth of the city just to satisfy your craving? For a city that swears by it’s vada pav, we thought why not present to you our fave joints serving this snack?

    Ashok Vada Pav, Prabhadevi

    Ashok Vada Pav

    Prabhadevi, Mumbai

    Ashok vada pav in Dadar is a place that every Mumbaikar swears by. Set aside the hype, Ashok truly does make a delicious snack, having created another version to it too, fondly called the choora pav where he mixes the choora with chutney and stuffs it in the pav. He has been serving this vada-pav for over two decades, and it has been consistently tasting the same. An undisputed winner.

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    Shankar Vada Pav, Bandra West

    Shankar Vada Pav was started back in 1975, when Shankar would initially sell his fare from a hand cart until he started selling and earning enough to buy a shop. Through time, while the people have changed, Shankar Vada Pav still remains the popular, inexpensive stall that sells the same three items as it did back when it started. You get vada pav for INR 12 or INR 15, moong daal bhajias for either INR 15 or INR 30, and mirchi bhajias for INR 12 {with pav}. Shankar Vada Pav has audaciously stuck to its roots, despite fancier places around, and still does well for itself. The stall is now handled by Vinayak, Shankar’s son.

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    Pipasa, Borivali West


    Borivali West, Mumbai

    Pipasa is yet another place that aces the Mumbai street side vada pav flavours. They sell a winning combination of vadas, pav and samosas, along with a range of lassi (make sure you try the rich, yummy Punjabi lassi) making them a go-to place for many.

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    Aram Vada Pav, Fort


    Fort, Mumbai

    Situated in the prime office district of Fort, Aram is another epic destination for vada pav in Mumbai. One big reason for its thriving popularity is the good pricing – you get usual pav and vada at INR 45, poha at INR 35, and the brilliant grilled cheese vada pav at INR 75 {great comfort food}. You wont get comfortable seating here, but the great taste of food makes up for it.

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    Anand Stall, Vile Parle

    Anand Stall

    Vile Parle West, Mumbai
    The stretch outside NM/Mithibai College is a Golden Stretch of sorts for street food. It's quite obvious that every thela in this line is uber popular. We're sure you've seen this place abuzz any time of day, while you're driving by. Anand Vada Pav is an irremovable fixture here. They've got normal vada pav alright, but they've also got Schezwan Vada Pav, Kanda Vada Pao, and Cheese Vada Pao. Basically, head here for the OG, and the permutations, both.

    Gajanan Vada Pav, Thane

    Gajanan Vada Pav

    Thane Area, Mumbai

    Gajanan's famous for the besan chutney they give you with their vada pav. While the vada pav itself is spectacular, the chutney ameliorates and elevates the experience that it is... Imagine dunking a hot, crispy vada (with the pav of course) into a warm, spicy chutney. Mm hm. That's right.