8 Places To Make New Friends In Mumbai

Jayati posted on 11 December

Ten-Second Takeaway

New in the city? Check out our guide of where you can strike up potential friendships or meet like-minded people through books, movies or even photography.

Music Communities

If music is your scene, then one of the best places to meet like-minded people is at live gigs. Though the conventional way of that would be to turn up at popular venues like antiSocial, Bonobo, Summerhouse Cafe, or even Cafe Zoe. But if you’re looking for unconventional ways, then keep a lookout for independent music communities organising secret gigs, house parties and more.

We recommend checking out Sofar Sounds Bombay {follow them here} for their living room gigs, Secret Sessions that organises parties with music for undisclosed venues via a Facebook group {join the online group here}, and Beatmap House Parties for socializing and meeting new people, and telling stories {read more here}. These communities are also looking for venues and hosts – so there’s your in!

#LBBTip: Also hit up Bandra Base for some really cool band performances that basically happen in a garage-esque space.

Join Book Clubs

Are you an avid reader, and love your fictional world as much as the grim one you currently live in? You can join up a range of book clubs that will cater to your needs {genre-wise as well}. Check out our list here.

Our picks include two groups. First being the city-based book club and community, Broke Bibliophiles who regularly organise meetings in cafes and restaurants, share their personal book recommendations, and are basically THE group for book lovers. They have a strong and a very active online community, and we say, join them now {go here to join}.

Another good start to your book-loving community is Books On Toast, who organise open mic nights for unpublished authors. Then there’s your Reading social, a breakfast club that regularly organises meet-ups  like Reading socials, and yes, there’s breakfast involved{say whaaaa}. Find more about them here.

Go Catch Movies

When in the land of cinema aka Bollywood, how can we not talk about movies? Mumbai is rife with cinemas clubs, movie theatres, some dating back to the pre-partition era even. Not just your mainstream commercial Hindi films, there’s something for everyone out there.

From your independent, small budget films to regional cinema or world cinema, whatever maybe your interest, join a film club, or two to meet other cine buffs. To know more about the kind of film clubs in the city, read here. Keep yourself updated with the latest screenings, discussions, festival favourites and in the bargain, you’ll meet people who are as obsessed with Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind as you are {and so are we}.

Be A Part Of Photowalks

Mumbai is a photographers city. Its old world charm in South Bombay, sleepy fishing hamlets in Bandra or offbeat forests and trails, it’s every photographers play ground. You may be an iPhone photographer, own a DSLR, or just like Instragram-ing stuff, there’s something for everyone {here’s how you can create your own photowalk}.

To meet other photographers, or people who love doing this as much as you do, join Mumbai Instagrammers. They’re a city-based photography group who regularly organise photowalks around the city. To join them, follow their Facebook page for more details.

Go Camping Or Hiking

Mumbai, though may not be as central as say Pune when it comes to shorter distances, it is a great city for travellers backpackers and people who love treks. You can even go camping, hiking with different kinds of groups who often go exploring the hidden locations near Mumbai and around Maharashtra.

A few of the regular camping trips are organised by Let’s Get Lost, White Collar Hippie, Mumbai travellers and many more.

If you’re interested in these trips, you can read about them here {for Storytellers} and here {for Let’s Get Lost} – who also organise outstation and abroad trips.

Be A Part Of A Letter Writing Group

We don’t know why writing post-cards and letters ever lost their charm but hey there’s a group that is bringing it back. If you love putting pen to paper, and enjoy writing letters, then join this letter-writing circle, The Goodwill Tribe that encourages paper feelings to text emojis. It’s a perfect way to meet future pen-pals, and friends in the city, who share your sense of nostalgia and love for words.

The Goodwill Tribe was formed in Dubai to create a network of people who hold their pens and diaries dear to them, and operate out of ten cities in the world, including Mumbai. Previously they have organised a meet-up wherein strangers write letters to each other, and also receive them in return. You can read more about them here.

Follow them on Facebook here for their upcoming events.

Explore Food Trails

If you describe yourself as a “foodie”, and love to explore new places to eat, then how about joining a food club? It’s a great way to meet fellow foodies, exploring new food trails together, and recommending unique places to each other.

To join these food clubs in Mumbai, read more here.

Go Cycling And Get Fit

Don’t fancy cycling by yourself, or aren’t aware of the cycle boom in the city? Let us sort you out with our guide to the different cycling groups you can join in, and meet up with.

Together, go exploring the familiar and unfamiliar terrains in and around Mumbai. To know more about these awesome and cool cycling groups, go here.


Now that we’ve established a pretty regular guide as to how you can meet new people in the city, we’ll let you in on the secrets of the city as well. From secret parties, dating to secret dinners, find more about Mumbai’s underbelly {the nice kind} here.