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Homesick Bongs, Head To Bhojohori Manna For Luchis, Daab Chingri And Machher Jhol

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Bengalis in Mumbai, if you haven’t eaten at Bhojohori Manna yet, then let us tell you that you’re missing out on some delicious, authentic food that will transport you straight into your mom’s kitchen.

What Makes It Awesome

We walked into Bhojohori Manna on a hungry stomach and full appetite, and trust us, that’s the only way to conquer this restaurant. Walk in and you will be welcomed with the irresistible smell of freshly prepared Bengali delicacies. We suggest you start your meal with a round of the Bhetki Rongpuri Fry or the Mutton Kobiraji for starters- both of which are tasty, crispy and filling. Let the starters settle in and only then jump in for the main course because authentic Bengali food has a tendency to fill the tummy pretty fast (but if you’re a Bong, you're probably already used to a lavish spread).

For the mains, we strongly recommend their Bhetkir Kalia, Pabda Maccher Jhol and Daab Chingri along with Mutton Kosha. These lip-smacking dishes can be teamed with hot luchis or lachha parathas and steamed rice (you will come back here for more and that’s our guarantee). If you're not a bengali, and are seeking some vegetarian delights, try their Aloor Dom and Chholar Daal with some luchi, and for main course you can call for the Basanti Pulao (Sweet Pulao) with some Dhokar Daalna (Lentil Cake Curry) Another classic combination is some Plain Rice and Shukto to go with it. Shukto is a mixed veg prep that's slightly bitter but the taste grows on you like fine old wine. End your meal with some mishti doi and Nolen Gurer ice-cream (it’s divine). They even have thalis, in case decision-making isn’t one of your strengths. A handsome meal for two will set you back by approximately INR 1,200 (inclusive of post-meal siesta).


Gotta love a place like this, right? Be sure to go here for a delicious meal. They’re in Oshiwara and Chembur, so head to the one closest to you.