Sarees, Latkans & Laces:The Bhuleshwar Market Guide For The Seasoned Shopper

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It’s home to a ton of homegrown businesses that have been there for decades… And by decades, we mean from the time photographers were still shooting grainy black-and-white photos, Victoria carriages were not a(n) (illegal) rarity, and when Kishore Kumar was at his prime. Bhuleshwar Market is a historical one! It houses the only Sun Temple in Mumbai, the biggest animal shelter, and a 150-year-old Shiva temple. It’s funny how a place this historic moulds and remoulds itself all year to provide the public with everything they need for the festive season.

So even though it can be overwhelming, confusing and a little too crazy, we love a good hardcore market. That’s why we figured it out for you! Read on to know where to get what at Bhuleshwar Market.

Sarees, Anyone?

Jodhpur Saree Centre

One of the oldest shops in the area, Jodhpur Saree centre has all all kinds of sarees, but we especially love the classic cotton ones with prints on them. It’s one of the not-really-numerous larger stores in the locality, and was one of the first few we visited.

Price: The range starts at INR 400

Vividh Sarees

Another super old store, Vividh has more wedding-y and sangeet-y stuff. You won’t find mirror-work cotton skirts and jackets and dhoti pants, but head here for sure if you want cost-effective designer wear.

Price: INR 1,200 onwards

Guddi Collection

We loved this one! With a focus on clothes for kids, this tiny (but crowded AF) store is full of colourful traditional clothes for tots. So if you’re taking an excited (or reluctant) kiddo along, head here to make ‘em try out some outfits. Best part, though? They’ve got jackets for adults too! They’re unisex. 

Price: INR 300 onwards

Shyam Sakhi

We don’t wanna harp on about stores being there since the days of yore, but these shops have been around so long, they’re landmarks of their own. Shyam Sakhi has lovely dhoti pants, jackets, blouses and skirts for men and women.

Price: INR 450 onwards

Jayendrakumar Jayantilal Shah

JJS (we’re the bosses of our antonyms, okay?) has amazing OTT sarees, shaadi-ready shararas, and lovely fabrics you can fashion outfits from. This one, too, was unusually crowded for a HOT Monday afternoon. They’ve got embroidered traditional clothes, too!

Price: INR 500 onwards

Dhwani Collection

Ah, finally a store with AC. A welcome respite, Dhwani is one of those stores where you gotta take your shoes off before you enter, and then park yourself on the mattresses while they show you a multiverse’s worth of options when it comes to garba clothes. A newer store, it’s a great place to head to if you want something specific, and don’t want to scour the entirety of the market.

Price: INR 800 onwards

Maganlal Dresswala

This isn’t the namesake costume store… This is another Maganlal. They, too have a huge range of traditional clothes for men and women, both. This one’s more pocket-friendly than the others.

Price: INR 399 onwards

Sheetal Arts

Walking into Bhuleshwar Market, we saw a window on the first floor of an old building which had those straight-out-of-Kora-Kendra, mirror-studded skirts, blouses and jackets pinned to it. Curious, we walked to the building, and found a whole store that was as bustle-y as the market a floor below it.

Price: INR 300 onwards

Jay Collection

This was one of the first few stores we visited in the area. The collection of latkans is much larger than the collection of borders, but who’s complaining? We spotted a lovely pair of Peacock latkans that were for INR 350. We’re sold.

Price: INR 45 onwards

Parekh & Sons

This store’s a lovely one! Here’s where we found huge borders, OTT max latkans, and walls and walls full of jaris. Swarmed by ladies who were eager to haggle over the square metre rates, this store’s got many options for people who like understated latkans, too.

Price: INR 30 onwards

Jay Fashion Hub

This one’s a huge shop. It’s got latkans and laces dangling at the storefront, and all the way in as you enter the store. Latkans in unique shapes, bead accents, jari borders, they’re all here.

Price: INR 40 onwards

Shivam Fashion

This store had options galore when it comes to laces. Latkans, we didn’t see that many. But the laces though! If you’ve got a plain skirt that you’d like to ameliorate with a mirror-y border for the festive season, head here. We saw many ladies reaching for those.

Price: INR 30 onwards

Jai Girnari Lace House

It's a smaller store that seems to have endless options. The super friendly store executive was helping customers pair fabrics with jari borders, and we think that’s a critical time. We definitely appreciate the help!

Price: INR 25 onwards

Jai Hind Collection

A sister concern of Jai Girnari Lace House, this one had a lot more latkans than the aforementioned one. While we didn’t spot anything too crazy, they had a lot of options with different bead patterns for latkans, and so many options for people who like understated latkans.

Price: INR 25 onwards

Rajwadi Chuda

This is the kind of store that attracts us like moths to a flame. Or lightbulb. It's a store that's basically got ALL kinds of bangles. And chudas, including the ones that are wrapped in colourful fabric! We have a soft corner for the ones with small sequins (even though they can be a little scratchy). It's not what we'd call cheap, but it's pretty reasonable.

Price: INR 199 onwards 

Banjara Plus

Oh, you thought this was the end of jewellery? Not so soon, comrade! Banjara Plus has jewellery, latkans, borders and so much more. Head here to add the finishing touches for fabrics you've bought already.

Price: INR 25 onwards

Manav Bangles

This small store has all the bangles you'll ever need, too! Manav Bangles has glass bangles, resin bangles, wooden bangles, the fabric ones we love, all in every colour, ever. This one's one of the more pocket-friendly shops in the area.

Price: INR 20 onwards