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In Good Spirits: Billion Air Vodka Is The New Kid On The Block & Is Gluten-Free

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What Makes It Awesome

When it comes to spirits, we're all aboard with the launch of a new brand anywhere in the country. While there are a bevy of gin brands that have recently hit the market, Sonaar Beverages, with its brand new label Billion Air Vodka, is all set to get us rooting for clear spirits. So, let's tell you why this one stands out - most vodkas are made with either potatoes or some kind of grain, but the Billion Air Vodka is created with a combination of 98% American corn and 2% wheat, and is sourced and distilled in USA and bottled in India. 

 The vodka is characterised by light floral tones that leave a soft texture on the palate, with hints of spice coming through towards the bottom. When you sip it, you'll get a full and rounded taste of vanilla, which gives it a sweet aftertaste and this makes for a great base for any vodka cocktail. 

 What we love is that the brand has focused on the flavour and purity of the liquid, making it a refreshing and affordable addition to the world of Indian vodka. 

 The vodka is packaged in tones of dark gray with flecks of gold - a luxurious touch to make this a perfect gift for friends or family. Billion Air Vodka is currently available in Mumbai and Pune, but there are current plans for expansion in the country this year. 

 It's available in 750 ml for INR 1,990.