Biryani On A Budget? This Eatery Is Making Your Dream Come True In INR 150

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What if we told you that you can eat a wholesome and tasty biryani meal at INR 150? Don’t believe us? Read on.

Chow Down

If you have been living under a rock and are unaware of the awesome delivery service that Go Biryan is, time to come out. The king of budget biryanis, Go Biryan has opened up its latest outpost at Lower Parel.

Our favourite is the chicken tikka biryani {INR 150} that contains succulent pieces of chicken marinated in masala. Tipped with a serving of caramelised onions, it will satiate your biryani cravings for lunch in minutes. There’s also Bohri-style lamb biryani {INR 190} and paneer makhni biryani {INR 150} that you must try. Worried about this bowl of wonder messing with your diet? Don’t, because the biryanis are made with less oil.

So, We're Saying...

With two outposts in Bandra and Andheri – we are happy that they are extending to serve South Mumbai as well. Highly recommended for those who want tasty biryani for less.