Try-Out Bistro At Coffee Break, Chapel Road Bandra Mumbai

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What Makes It Awesome?

Food and Beverage- Menu is created thinking casual dining restaurant where an all-day menu will be served. They have good options in beverages which includes shakes, coffees, teas etc. The food menu has really a lot of varieties to choose from like Burgers, Salads. Sandwiches, Pasta, Pizza etc. We tried a few of the dishes and really loves it.

1. Hazelnut Cold Chocolate shake- A thick chocolate shake flavouring little bit of hazelnut and garnished with chocolate vermicelli. It was nice and thick but extremely heavy. Surely a must order for chocolate shake lovers.

2. Chicken Popcorns- small chicken cubes fried crispy enough and served with homemade dip. Popcorns were perfectly in popcorn size and tasted delicious to start you gossip with a friend.

3. Tuna Melt sandwich- Sandwich served along with fresh leaves salad which had black olives and few nacho chips. Sandwich made with multigrain bread and filling of tuna, cheddar cheese, mix pepper cubes, chipotle mayo (spicy). A must order tuna loves. The filling was really generous and it’s a meal in itself.

4. Adobo grilled chicken Tacos- Chicken strips marinated in Adobo sauce (Spanish origin sauce made with oregano, paprika, garlic) and then stuffed in soft shell tacos(kind of mini parathas) along with lettuce and sour cream on top. Tacos served along with tangy dip and few chips of nachos. Loved the combination of chicken and sour cream, might try hard shell tacos next time.

5. Chicken cheese Canapé- This dish was more like bruschetta cut in tiny pieces. Canapés are basically biting sizes. Mix made with chicken, herbs, cheesy sauce, chilli flakes and served on a baguette kind of bread cut in bruschetta size. It was nice, good flavour balancing.

6. Chicken BBQ Pizza (8”) - A thin crust pizza base pizza served in a wooden pizza plate. Pizza topping was excellent with chicken, pepper strips and drizzles of BBQ sauce. The pizza base wasn’t really wow here, might be some issue they would rectify it.

What Could Be Better?

I feel they should improve on the base of the pizza. It was little hard and not as good as normal other thin crust pizzas.

Anything Else?

❖ My Recommendations-
1. Tuna Melt sandwich
2. Chicken popcorn
3. Adobo grilled chicken Tacos

❖ Why you should visit-
1. If you want to have a very good time with your friends, for chit chat/gossips.
2. Location, easily assessable and popular.
3. Value for money
4. Variety in menu

❖ To sum up- A perfect place where you can meet and enjoy with your friends or your loved ones. Menu serving satisfies cravings of each guest who enters inside. Ideal place for relaxing evening on a rainy day. The location is always crowded and there so many cafes around but this one stands out for the menu and hospitality experience they offer. Hope to visit soon. Thank you.

❖ Overall Ratings-
• Location- 5/5
• Value for money- 4.5/5
• Staff/service- 4.5/5
• Food and Beverage- 4.5/5
• Ambience- 5/5