Design Goals: This Home Decor Store In Mumbai Is Themed Around A Loft

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    What Makes It Awesome

    A chic furniture-cum-decor store, Blue Loft in Shakti Mills, sells custom furniture, home decor items and pretty rugs. Read on to know why you must pay it a visit.  Blue Loft is the brainchild of Kahan and Sohum – the co-founders of the space. Sohum is the designer and takes all things creative up his alley, and Kahan manages all things logistics.

    When we entered the store, we were taken in by the space and the natural light that filtered in through the big wide white window at the end. The space is done up in the most minimal manner, going in for natural lighting as opposed to dazzle.
    Every corner has been set up the way a customer may envision their corner space to be – be it their office space or their study space. There’s thought, there’s effort.

    They make most of their stuff in India at the workshops, and by skilled artisans. The material is sourced from across the country. Some of the offbeat pieces we spotted were sourced from other South-East Asian countries such as China and Japan.Their collection is honestly to die for. We could imagine exactly how the furniture pieces would look in our own houses. Though it’s a luxury home decor store, the prices aren’t entirely exaggerated considering it’s all handmade. Slinky dinner tables with hard glasses, comfortable armchairs for the wood-fire lit living rooms and paintings that though belonged in a gallery, went unusually well with entire arrangement.

    We found quirky side tables and slinky wooden chairs with funky cushions. The couches can go over a lakh, however, it’s the perfect home buyer splurge if you’re looking to redo your house completely with taste and class.

    Another feather in the cap for home decor needs, they take custom orders as well for office spaces, houses and other spaces that you may want to class up.


    Just a minute walk away is their other store which too has an amazing display of their collection. So, if there do check out both the stores. 
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