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Choose From Four Kinds Of Black Coffee At New Blue Tokai Café

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Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters, makers and lovers of coffee, have opened their café in Mumbai after their roaring success in Delhi.

Hi, I’m X and I’m Addicted to Caffeine

Novices, step aside. Blue Tokai is not a quintessential coffee shop which makes just instant coffee. For our fix, there are two menus to choose from. First up is the brew menu which offers daily drinks like espresso, mocha, cappucino, iced latte; as well as four choices for black coffee alone.

What we are rooting for in particular are Tokai’s Roasted coffees. Twice a week, they have Roasting Days {don’t worry, joke’s not on you}, where they roast fresh coffee beans on the spot.  Visit on one of these days and you can learn about the process as well as the origin of the coffee beans: the roast menu boasts of nine types of coffees all grown on different estates in the country.

But I’m Hungry, Too

We hear you. Though they don’t have their own kitchen for food, they have tied up with Magazine Street Kitchen and are serving up coffee accompaniments like baked goods, muffins, croissants and perhaps later, sandwiches.

If stepping out in the weather is not your cup of coffee, wait for a few weeks, you will get your coffee fix home-delivered. The areas? Mahalaxmi, Parel and around Elphinstone station.

What Else is Brewing?

Besides coffee, a whole lot more. Blue Tokai and Le15 Patisserie are holding a beginner’s coffee workshop together at Le 15’s Colaba branch on July 30. Besides learning to make the perfectly intoxicating coffee in different ways using all-important hacks such as a key, there’s coffee-sampling, insider tips and eatables from the bakery involved.

Register for the class and find more details here.

When: Every day {Roasting days are Wednesdays and Sundays}


Heard of Nitro Coffee? Neither had we – it’s nitrogen-infused coffee that they plan to offer soon.