Learn To Sway And Dance To The Blues At This Workshop In Lower Parel

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What Makes It Awesome

Blues dancing maybe the a novel kid concept but it’s ready to make waves. This unusually sensuous form of dance is taught by Abigail Bentley, a health researcher and a trained dancer from London. She got her dancing shoes at the remarkable age of three and hasn’t stopped dancing since then. Trained in ballet, jazz and contemporary styles, it was only recently that she fell in love with blues dancing and decided to try her hands at sharing her love for the blues with others in the city.

From the more popular salsa, jive or to even Lindy hop, blues dancing is the lesser known cousin. It originated in the sub-Saharan Africa area but gained immense popularity in the States among the African-American community. It involves partner dancing, with one leading and the other following, however, Abbie says there are no gender norms attached to who can lead or follow.

A refreshing switch to ballroom dancing, we recommend this for anyone who wants to try something new. Abbie tells us that one necessarily does not need a partner for this, as you can break out into solos as well but it is essentially a couple dance. It involves a lot of the African dance movements and rhythms like the slow drag or fish tail, and if you get the techniques right, it is fun to play around with.

This course is conducted every Thursday evening for 6 weeks, during which you will receive 9 hours of tuition and 6 hours of social dance practise covering different styles and techniques.

These courses are at 2 levels: Beginners (8:30-10pm) and Intermediate (7-8:30pm). After you class, you will be engaging in a social dance practice from 10-11pm, which is highly recommended. If you are unsure of which course to sign up for please contact Abbie on 9967097184.


Get your body flowing with this novel dance form, we’re sure you’ll get to experience something that hasn’t been done before and get back to the joy of dancing.