Dry Skin Issues? I Tried These Body Butters That Worked Wonders For Me


    If you, like me, face massive dry ski issues, the it's time you bookmarked these three body butters. 

    The first one's from Daughter Earth- The consistency of the butter is great. It's super creamy, and smells divine. 

    The second one's from Juicy Chemistry- It has a mousse-like consistency, and smells like freshly made 'mithai'. And if definiely more buttery. 

    The third one's from Bare Anatomy- This one's a Chia butter, and is for extremely dry days. 

    These brands are all homegrown and local. And have worked really well on my skin. You can either buy them online, or look for them at your nearest beauty stores (once the lockdown's over, ofcourse)