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Hemp & Happening: This Brand's Got Vegan Hemp Products For A Healthier, Sustainable Lifestyle

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What Makes It Awesome

Our first association to the word hemp is almost always marijuana, but Bombay Hemp Company (BOHECO) is here to change our perception. BOHECO is India's first hemp startup, who is reimagining the future of Indian agriculture and sustainable living with hemp as their lens.
The good guys at The Bombay Hemp Company have just launched a range of wholesome consumables under the title BOHECO Life, to foster healthier lifestyles for everyone. You'll find products like hemp seed powder (plant-based protein from Edestin), hemp seed oil and hemp hearts (shelled seeds to aid cardiovascular health).
What makes it pretty awesome is that they've used crops from the Himalayas with unique nutritional profiles which actually is a wholesome source of nutrition with each meal. Let's take a look at their products, shall we? The hemp seed oil is great for the skin and hair (I mean, city folks, are you lsitening?) and can be poured over food or used in your personal care routine. It'll cost you INR 849 for a 250ml bottle and INR 1,249 for a 500 ml bottle.
The hemp powder is made from raw hemp seeds (100% plant-based protein) that you can actually have in your morning smoothie! It helps with muscle repair, boosts that energy and metabolism (hells, yeah!) and aids digestive health. Just the thought of it makes us feel super clean and healthy. 500 gms come for INR 1,149 and 1 kg will cost you INR 1,999.
Now, their hemp hearts have an earthy nut-like flavour and can be eaten just like that (baked goodies, y'all!) If you're looking for a quick-fix nutrition-filled power pack ,this is your answer. They always say that good things come in small packages, don't they? 250 gms of this will cost you INR 699, and 500 gms will cost you INR 1,199.
It's high time we think about ourselves and ways to live a healthier life. The good lads at BOHECO have done their bit, so let's make a start and spread the word, shall we?

How Much Did It Cost

₹500 - ₹1000