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Crack This:This Andheri Delivery Kitchen Is Serving Up Over 20 Kinds Of Egg Dishes

Bhavika posted on 29 May

Ten-Second Takeaway

So sick of fried eggs, boiled eggs or the regular omelette? Check out Bollywood Fanda, a kitchen in Mumbai which is doling out egg-based dishes as good as the ones made in Surat.

Cracked About Eggs

Based in Andheri’s, Lokhandwala market, Bollywood Fanda is one of the newest additions to our delivery go-to places. What makes this joint unique from the hoardes of other options?

Well, consider yourself never getting bored of breakfast in bed or eggs when it comes to these guys. The concept of this delivery service is to give an eggstraordinary number of options when it comes to eggs. Like Surat, where foods carts with innovative dishes line the road, here too they’ve picked up the best dishes with an Indian touch, and have a chef from Surat for that matter.

From 5 types of omelettes– lemon flavoured, one with a secret green sauce, one with a lot of veggies – to Indianised dishes such as eggs boiled & fried with a covering of bread, garlic boiled eggs or just fried eggs with a special garlic paste {known as the Circuit Fry on their menu}, egg fried rice with garlic, and even spicy baida rotis, they have so much to choose from. These are priced INR 90 upward, and the most expensive dish is for INR 190.

So, We're Saying...

Eggs benedict or poached, you ask? We’d much rather have some spicy ghotala or a Circuit Fry, thank you very much.

You can order online on zomato or give them a call on 8779794305. The timings for home delivery fall between 11am–3.30pm and 6pm¬–11.30pm.

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