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Heard This? The Team Behind The Bombay Canteen Is Opening A New Restaurant In BKC

Nupur posted on 31 July

Ten-Second Takeaway

If Twitter and sources are to be believed, the people behind The Bombay Canteen are working towards a Goan cuisine restaurant.

Say Whaaat?

Come September, the Godrej BKC building may see the launch of a Goan-style restaurant. Speculation is rife that The Bombay Canteen team may be bringing Paowalla from New York to Mumbai, but nothing has been confirmed {we’re keeping our fingers crossed though}. The restaurant will be located in the same complex as Toast & Tonic and Hello Guppy, and we’ve heard it’s likely to open up by September. They’ve already started hiring the staff, so we’re hoping we get to know more details soon.

So, We're Saying...

If this is true, we’ll soon be seeing hauling our behind to BKC to hog. BRB, praying it’s Paowalla.


Disclaimer: At the time of going live with the recommendation, we tried contacting the team of The Bombay Canteen, but they neither accepted nor denied the news.