Easy As ABC: Why Bombay Greens Sustainable DIY Kits Are The New Rage

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What Makes It Awesome

Having plants and leafy greens at home is always a dream for most of us, but being able to tend to them and manage them, well, that's a separate story.  There are quite a few of us who'd like to grow and consume our own microgreens and veggies, but it usually is a daunting task, isn't it? Well, that's where Bombay Greens comes to the rescue. 

 Started by a young couple, Tanvi and Ankur, who cherish eating healthy organic food, Bombay Greens started off as a home garden and as the founders had so much fun growing food for their own consumption, this idea germinated into one where they created special DIY kits catering to every need you'd have.

Currently they have a DIY Grow Kit that comprises a herbal & floral tea kit, an edible flowers kit, a detox kit, exotic vegetables, gourmet salad mix, tomato trio mix, healthy greens, herbs kit and hot & sweet chillies. 

Their DIY Microgreens Kit comprises basil & mustard, scallions & radish, chia & mustard, radish and alfalfa, and even radish and amarnath. They also have organic fertilizers for different plants - roses, orchids, vegetables and all flowers. 

We're also excited about their upcoming range of bread flour (from ancient Indian grains) and their ethically sourced premium spice blends. 

As someone who has tried her hand at growing herbs and vegetables, this brings me, and I'm sure a lot of you, such joy to see folks as passionate as them creating fresh produce and using their expertise to create these DIY kits!


All their kits start from INR 299 onwards, including their fertilizers. To know more about their great work, check out their IG page or follow their website.