Broke And Fixing It: This Online Library Will Let You Borrow Books For Free

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Bombay Library is an online community based out Dadar that lets its users borrow and lend novels, academic textbooks and discs for free – a virtual library of sorts if you may.

How Does It Work?

Bombay Library works on pretty simple basis – think of it like two people wherein one wants a specific book, and the other has that book. Solution? They both can add themselves as users on the website, set up a location and time to meet and exchange the book in question. In simpler terms – it’s a virtual library run by its own users – you’re both the librarian and the borrower. Though the book choices are limited, it’s a great initiative to get more people engaged in this free flowing exchange.

From novels, academic books {university books to entrance exam preparations books} to discs – users can add any of these items onto the website and users looking to borrow any of these items can get in touch with the owner. The status of the book is shown on the list – so if it’s available, anyone can borrow it and track the status of it – free of cost. You can also drop by their Dadar Center to pick up these books. For now, they provide this service in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and IIT Mumbai.

What We Love

It’s free, and serves the needs of the community. New additions – in terms of books – get updated on the website and the users can borrow it at no cost whatsoever. It’s a great way of expanding your reading pool – as you can simply borrow the books you need and return them when finished. Saves the money on buying a new book – though buying a book has its thrill.

Currently the books that are available include Harry Potter And The Cursed Child, A Suitable Boy, The Immortals Of Meluha, The Palace of Illusions among the GRE prep and civil engineering textbooks.

#LBBTip: If any of this confuses you, just send a text on Whatsapp on +91 82913 70750.

So, We're Saying...

Get on the book borrowing/lending train and let it take you to Bombay Library. Save yourself the memberships hassles, keep it convenient and pay INR 0 for it all {barring the travelling bit to get the book}.

For more information, and the list of available books, go here.