Ten-Second Takeaway

Your quest for perfectly fitted shirts is over. Bombay Shirt Company makes classic design with understated details, and good fits.

Hot Off The Press


Bombay Shirt Company changes the season of struggling to get a slim-fit shirt for a tall man, or a man with bulkier biceps. Each shirt bought here is made for you. Two options are available. One, is to buy an existing design, and the second is to make your own. What’s great is that while you can choose either from their pre-made sizes {small, medium, large, etc.} or you can send them a sample of a shirt you own for a template.

If you want to go the custom way, then you can choose the tiny details of your shirt as if you were the designer, starting with the fabric and the fit, moving on to the little details, the collar, the cuff, the button, whether you’d like a monogram. It even gets as in depth if you choose to as choosing the pocket {if any}, the back fit, the shoulder patch and even the button thread colour. It’s really impressive.

Room Service, Anyone?


Online shopping not your thing, and neither is going to a store? Normally, we’d say that you’re doomed, but Bombay Shirt Company stops us from saying so as they offer to send a travelling stylist, master tailor and a huge range of cloth material to your home. And it won’t even cost extra. Fill the form here or call on +91 88796 21003 to book an appointment.

Anything Else?

While they have an online store, you could always visit them at their two shops in Mumbai – in Kala Ghoda and Bandra.

Photos source: Bombay Shirt Company