Funky Tees, Socks And Hoppers Starting at INR 499 On This Online Store


Besides the fresh designs of tees every week that the crazy caffeine-driven designers at Bombay Trooper put out, they also have a wide variety of hoppers, socks and phone cases that are showcased on their website.

What Makes It Awesome

With categories ranging from geeky to foodie and even drunk, they seem to have about 300 varieties of tees {one for all, we promise!}. While you're browsing their website for the perfect tee to match your mood, check out their range of adorable socks; they're an instant moodlifter. We picked up cute panda socks for just INR 499. The socks can make for a great out-of-the-box birthday gift too. 

What we loved most were The Hoppers, their latest brainchild. Made from denim {no, not jeans obviously} they come in handy for everything from active trekking to just lazy Sunday wear' they're that comfortable. They come in three different styles {solid, flat and split} and are currently priced starting at INR 999. The tees and socks cost INR 499.


If you're spoilt for choice, check out their Tee-Search section; you can narrow down your options on the basis of where you're going, what you love, and how you're feeling. They're pretty bang-on. They have free shipping too, and an easy 10-day return policy.

You can email them on or call them on +91 8268151060.