This Couple In Andheri Runs A Home Brewery And Delivers Fresh Kombucha


A couple based in Andheri runs a house brewery called Bombucha from the confines of their apartment and makes refreshing kombucha.

What Makes It Awesome

Monica, a yoga teacher from London, can at most times be found holding her crow pose at her home in Bandra, but when she works with her partner Nitin, together they create magic – or in the words of a culinary enthusiast, kombucha. What’s a kombucha? It’s a type of tea, only fizzier and fermented. It is made from SCOBY {a type of culture for yeast and bacteria} that they have procured from the U.S. The name of their brand is Bombucha {fun, right?}.

Bombucha’s kombucha comes in four delicious flavours {beet & pomegranate, apple spice, chamomile & date, vanilla coffee}. They sell their stock at the Farmer’s Market in Bandra most Sundays, too, so keep checking their Facebook page to be in the know. Although they are based in Andheri (West), they deliver across the city. A 500ml bottle costs INR 240.