Eight Book Clubs To Join If You Want To Kick-Start Your Reading Habit

Jayati posted on 06 June

Are you an avid reader – carrying at least one book at any given time with yourself? Or maybe you used to be, but adulting took up all that reading time? Well, put down the Netflix. We have gathered up the fun book clubs in town that will make it easier for you to complete your book challenges – and meet some fellow book-lovers as well.

Juhu Book Club

Possibly one of the most active book clubs in Mumbai – Juhu book club was started off back in 2006 to initially review books. Expanding their presence on social media, it is now an extremely active book club – with its website and Facebook page organising book club meets for its members to meet and discuss the books they’ve read, are reading or intend on reading. So if you’re looking for people, like you, who are determined to keep on track with their last book, it’s definitely worth a membership.

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A poetry-reading group dedicated to English poetry, this is definitely one to reckon with. Started off by Jane Bhandari, the group’s always on the lookout for active social and book members to keep  things on the track with the group. The group members meet on the second Tuesday of every month to discuss their favorite poets and poems that they love. The fifth Tuesday is reserved for the reading one’s own poem. This poetry club, though isn’t active, it really is upto the members to initiate the meets. just post it on the group, and get planning for a good old session of poetry reading.

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Bound Together

Bound Together Bombay is a public book club that meets regularly at a cafe or bar in Mumbai. Members can join in, and share their reading experiences with other book-lovers. Generally, they choose a few texts, which then are discussed in the meet up. They generally meet on Saturday afternoons, and generally the location is between Bandra or Colaba.

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Prometheus Book Club

Enticing us by opening with a quote “We read to know that we’re not alone – C.S Lewis” on their group bio, the group was founded in 2014 for poetry lovers. It’s for anyone who dabbles in poetry writing, reading, prose or books. The book club is active, just about, as its members have to take the initiative to call for a meet up. The theme of the meeting is generally up to the members, and with their consensus its selected for the meet.  Feeling inspired by all this poetry talk, join this group and make it a part of your regular life.

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Bring your own Book {BYOB}

A different kind of BYOB, the Mumbai chapter of Bring Your Own Book is another of the thriving book-lovers community in Mumbai. Though BYOB is a pan-India network, the Mumbai one is pretty active. Though they do not decide which book they’ll be discussing at the meet – they keep the meetings to discuss the books we have read in the past. They also host a tiny library online on their webpage {via the members who loan their books} so if you want to borrow a book, you can just reach out to the admins and you’ll be able to get it or even lend a few to other members. It’s free to join and borrow the books. A virtual library and a book club? This is every bookoholics dream come true.

#LBBTip: As part of the guidelines of their book club, they do not accept pirated versions of the books for the meet up – so if you got yours off the street, you may be in hard luck.

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Mulund Book Club

A group formed over the the platform, Meet Up, though is for the residents of Mulund, as the name suggests, is really for anyone who loves reading. The club discussed books only written in English or translated into English – and so they say in their bio. The meet ups generally are Mulund and around based, but if you’re up for some book loving meet up, go for it. They discuss all sorts of genres, your favourite books and anything book related.

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Broke Bibliophiles

Hoarders of books across Mumbai can join in this group. They are probably one of the most active groups in Mumbai, online and offline, with a bunch of co-organisers generally help organise Broke Bibliophiles meet ups.

They create events regularly, mostly on Sundays for people to come and share their book readings , discuss them at length, and of course meet new people who share the same sort of passion for books as we do. They also post interesting articles and pieces that make for good reads on their Facebook page – so the members can stay up to dated with the literary community across the globe.

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Book Exchange Club, Mumbai

A concept so noble and pure that we are thrilled at the mention of exchanging books with other book lovers in the city. Created in 2012, this community, though isn’t as active as it started out to be, is meant for people who want o meet up to exchange their books and their reading sessions with each other. This gives us a chance to actually step out and meet new people, talk books, lend/borrow books and so much more. Their range of events include coffee met ups, reading sessions and even talks – just for their members to come out and talk.


Post on the group to initiate a meet – or you can also discuss a book digitally on the group itself.

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