#BonVoyage: Cruise Into Happiness To These 5 Stunning Destinations!

Abhijeet posted on 31 October

Cruise vacations are on every traveler’s bucket list these days. Why? Well, for one, you get to travel many countries in a single package, not to mention you only unpack your luggage once and the cruises these days are like floating cities, and it’s super entertaining.

So we’re saying, it’s time you take your travels maritime. Take a cruise with family and enjoy its exceptional service and onboard enrichment while hopping from one country to another and witnessing cultures, traditions, sampling a range of cuisines and exploring the world. Make the world your oyster, with these top five must-visit regions.

Mediterranean Tour: Paris

The Mediterranean is pure magic. From the quaint cafes of Cannes, to the noisy street side eateries of Barcelona, the perfume shops in Paris to the crystal clear waters of Croatia, if you are looking to kick-start your cruise experience with family, there is something for everyone on this trip. Anchor in the Canary Island archipelago and spend a day in the Spanish territory or kick back in the luxury of Monte Carlo – trust us, this is one trip that will simply have you coming back for more.

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South East Asia: Singapore

East is the mystic wonderland that’s been on the map of travellers since ancient times. If the idea is to discover beautiful beaches, lush, dense forests, intake rich delicacies and understand history and anthropology, choose a South-East Asian trip and find out everything awesome, from Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and Vietnam to Indonesia and Malaysia. Why travel to just one country when you can experience them all on a cruise?

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Middle East: Dubai

If the history buff in you seldom gets a chance to erupt, perhaps the Middle East cruise, on which you will explore the lost city of Petra in Jordan to the Pyramids in Egypt, will satiate even the most skeptic tourists. Take a desert safari or simply wonder at the beautiful mosques, and discover the world’s biggest buildings and malls and stunning landscape, The Middle East will surprise you in more ways than one.

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Caribbean Cruise: Florida

The Caribbean islands are famous for its pristine white sand, deep blue waters, music, amazing landscapes, and reefs. Discover the Mayan ruins, or go crazy shopping in the duty-free districts, visit the Dutch and French colonies or learn about the Native American cultures, Caribbean will have your heart in a jiffy.

Oceania Tour: Sydney

Miles of dazzling beaches, the mysteries of Maori culture, the beauty of the Great Barrier reefs, or the national parks of Tasmania, the Oceania tour through the land down under, is a must visit place for every traveller. Whether you want to go on a trip to find the elusive Kiwi bird, or simply spotting kangaroos in the wild, or getting blown away by the natural wonders, Oceania offers a wide variety of experiences that no other travel destination does.

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