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Bookmark This: A Weekly Newsletter Will Send Book Recommendations To Your Inbox

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Reader, if you’re always scrounging for ways to increase your ‘To-Be-Read’ pile of books {or as experts call it, TBR}, subscribe to a newsletter that sends weekly book recommendations to your inbox.

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When Nirav Mehta is not organising book club meetups for Broke Bibliophiles, reading endlessly or well, working, he’s warding off the question that every book-lover inevitably gets: ‘What Should I Read Next?’

As a solution for this, and a reason to share what he loves, he has started a new weekly newsletter in which he will share a small handful of book recommendations, articles, stories that he comes across and loves.

This could include a link to a brilliant spoken word poetry performance, perhaps a short story from the New Yorker, a clip of an audio book, and some times, just simple book recommendations. No genre will be untouched – so those averse to fiction will find something to catch their fancy here as well.

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This newsletter will pop into your inbox any time between Friday afternoon till Saturday morning. And there it will be, a small e-mail carrying your potential favourite story or writer, waiting to be clicked on.

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You only have to give your email ID in to this link here.

Happy reading to you.