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Books Galore: A Mumbai Reader Is Selling Rare & Old Editions Of Over 1,000 Books

Bhavika posted on 05 July


Readers of Mumbai, keep your ears cocked and your eyes peeled because a fellow bibliophile is selling a huge collection of rare books online.

Rare, Far & Few

Member of the book club ‘Broke Bibliophiles – Bombay Chapter’, Vibhanshu Bisht recently put up a book sale post that made a lot of bookworms in the city put down their book, and start clicking – fast.

The sale is about a collection over 1,000 books that he bought and inherited over the years, including titles on humour, photography, plays, poetry, art and architecture, music, cinema and of course, some general fiction and non-fiction. A large chunk of the books came from a rather lucky purchase he made from a friend, who on inheriting the books from his uncle, wanted to sell them further.

For the sake of system and organisation, he has made a google sheet with the book catalogue, with books divided by genre, and details on the book title, price {including shipping across the country}, condition of the book and publisher. We found some wonderful books such as The Life and Works of Andy Warhol, photography books by Michael Freeman, The Complete Works of Lewis Carroll, books by Vladimir Nabokov, and one humour book called ‘I’m Not A Feminist, But’.

Most of the titles’ editions range between 1920s and 1990s, and a title is priced starting INR 50, and goes upward according to the rarity, edition and condition.

So, We're Saying...

It’s not every day that we come across a whole treasury of books just waiting for us to scroll through. Don’t miss this chance to get your hands on a few rare books.

Find his catalogue here, and contact him on for more information.