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Avoid The Cracks: The Boston Butt Is A New BBQ Joint In Kala Ghoda

Bhavika posted on 22nd August

Ten-Second Takeaway

Want some BBQ in your life? Hold your horses, because now we have a new entrant, The Boston Butt in Kala Ghoda to take care of that.

Butt, What Does It Do?

The Boston Butt by Siddharth Kashyap, Nishant Rao and Meghana Shinde, is a smokery, charcuterie and bar which uses a slow and low heat cooking technique usually used in southern states South Carolina, New Orleans, Kentucky, Texas, in the U.S. Here, unlike other places which use high temperature and charcoal methods, the food is roasted slowly over 12-13 hours over different types of wood such as birch, hickory and apple which lends a great smoky flavour to the food. The vibe of the restaurant too is part Texan, part New Orleans so expect leather seating, pre-prohibition wall-frames.

Chow Down

The Boston Butt {resist the jokes, everyone}, is really a cut of a pork shoulder and is one of the signature dishes here. Some of the cuts you can look forward to wolfing down are the smoked beef brisket, a buffalo style hot chicken lollipop, pork ribs, and smoked calamari chili tossed Asian-style. They don’t just stop with the meat, but have got some brilliant smoked vegetarian dishes lined up as well, such as the smoked mushroom taco, smoked tomato and basil garlic soup, zucchini, and even a mushroom bacon {which is veg. but tastes just as good – shocker}.

Also, come here for traditional American comfort food like the good ol’ mac’n’cheese and onion rings with a barbeque rub. What to drink, you ask? Since they are inspired by all things vintage, their cocktails too date back to the 1880’s from the U.S. pre-prohibition era, such as the Ward 8, which is a cocktail from Boston, with with whisky, grenadine, orange juice, bourbon, and the Currey-Scented B***h, a racial slur used infamously against Zayn Malik, now a cocktail here.

Do not forget to share a skillet cookie, a huge share-able chocolate chip cookie baked on a skillet.

So We’re Saying…

Our thoughts are already over at Boston Butt. Soon, our feet will be there too.

The Boston Butt opens this Wednesday, Aug 24.


It is located a floor below Irish House.

The Boston Butt

Casual Dining