Ten-Second Takeaway

The Papier Project has launched doggie-themed greeting cards and we recommend you give them to your dog for being who they are. Or you know, to the most deserving human you know.

What to Buy

A card saying ‘Your birthday is special to me’ {’cause it is} or a get well soon if your friendĀ is lying low. And we weren’t kidding about gifting these to your four-legged buddies as well – a recent study suggests that dogs understand each and every gesture you make {yes, even the ones you shouldn’t be doing in front of them} – so this seems like a great idea for when you want to just say thank you to them.

Attach a treat inside for when they need to be treated like royalty {which is always, tbh}. A card will cost you INR 200 and the licks, nothing.

So We’re Thinking…

The founders started the project to bring back the written word. In a world where we are constantly glued to our phones and courtesy is dying a slow death, these greeting cards are a respite for those who still like hand-written messages. We’ll probably send these to long-lost friends or Bruno who lives far far away.

#LBBTip: They have a store at the domestic terminal which is open 24X7. May be pick one up for your parents while on your way home?

Buy them online here.

Price: INR 200

Featured photo source: The Papier Project