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Boxers For INR 200 And T-Shirts At INR 300? This Shop Is A Man's Best Friend

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Men’s shopping can turn out to be an expensive affair. But what if we told you that it doesn’t have to be so anymore? Fendi in Bandra is a 25 year-old store which offers huge variety at affordable rates.

What Makes It Awesome

Firstly, for those who’ve hung out enough in Mumbai’s shopping haven Bandra, probably already know of Fendi. But what makes it so special is that for over last 25 years, this store has been bringing in the latest, in-vogue men’s styles to the city, that too at affordable rates. Let us dissect that for you a bit.


Formal and informal shirts both start at INR 650 onwards. Latest cuts and styles, warm tones {such as this beautiful dhaani green}, funky designs {such as ones with stars for INR 1,600}, or simply the basics {like the checkered one for INR 1,400} can all be teamed up with a pair of jeans or trousers and will be perfect for all kinds of outings. They have a fairly good collection of Chinese collared shirts with soft fabric that start at INR 550. They also have a very cool range of leather jackets.


If you’re the kind who hits the gym often, opt for their sleeveless t-shirts with funky prints for INR 300. Their casual t-shirts with scenic images and one-liners are priced for INR 450, while their collared range of t-shirts start at INR 850 {the polka dotted one is perfect for a Sunday brunch}.


Like the above, when it comes to jeans, they have a huge list of Indian and imported brands such as Rookies, Freak and more. Their jeans start at INR 1,700 and are available in all shades of blue, along with distressed patterns and more. They’re made of good quality fabric, so don’t worry while roughing them out.

Pants And Shorts

Available in white, beige and more warm tones, these super-comfy looking linen pants start at INR 1,250. Fendi offers a cool range of shirts, too, which start at INR 750 and are available in many funky colours and patterns {team up these mustard shorts with a plain white or a royal blue shirt, loafers and shades and you’re good to go}.


A guy loves his boxers, and at Fendi, you have them in abundance, that too with super cool prints. We loved these Simpsons boxers priced at INR 200. These red and green boxers, too, were funky and priced at INR 250. They have a lot options in other prints too, like Family Guy, Breaking Bad and more.


Once you’re done exhausting all your energy in the clothes section, it’s time to pump up again and take a look at the beautiful shoes. Keds, loafers, slip-ons and more, you’ll find a variety of shoes starting at INR 1,200. We loved these tan loafers for INR 1,300.


If you want affordable clothing without compromising on the quality, we suggest you head to Fendi now. This tiny store next to the Achie’s on Hill Road definitely has something for each and every man out there.