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Lanterns To Birdfeeders: 7 Best Garden Decor Ideas For All Kinds Of Indian Homes

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Staying at home has proved to be more painful than pleasurable, and we've done that for two years in a row now. While it may not always be possible to take a nature break amidst the pandemic, it is possible to create an oasis of greens on your home's balcony. Decorating a garden allows you to unleash your imagination and transform the outdoor space of your home so you can enjoy the fresh morning air or lazy evenings with your loved ones. And, there are several simple ways to accentuate the garden of your home without spending a fortune on it.

No matter what the size of your garden or balcony is, there's a way to do it up in style. So, if you have a garden, balcony, or cozy patio that you want to revamp, then this guide will come in handy. Bookmark these garden decor trends for 2022 to transform your space from a drab concrete or basic stretch to a welcoming, relaxing pad! From wall accents and birdfeeders to terrariums and fairy gardens, here's how you can build your own green corner! 

P.S: With every garden decor trend, we've suggested some super cool products. Check them out while you scroll through! 

Go Sustainable With Upcycled Planters

Sashaa World

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There ain't no garden without planters. For all that our houseplants do for us, like clean the air we breathe to start with, the least we can do is give them a beautiful (and sustainable) home. Sustainability and upcycling are going to be a major decor trend in 2022, so it only makes sense to add upcycled planters in your green corner. 

Get Planters From: If you want to get new planters that are not plastic, then go for brands like Sashaa World, Knotty Dhaage, Planter's Corner, or All That Grass. They make awesome earth-friendly planters from natural fibers (like jute, rattan, water hyacinth, and Sabai grass), as well as recycled materials (like tyres, glass, etc) - these planters will transform the look of your balcony or outdoor garden altogether! 

Shell Out: INR 800 onward

Let The Walls Speak

The Tassle Life

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Don't we all love lifting our heads and staring at beautifully embellished walls once in a while? Adding wall accents while decorating your garden space is crucial as it gives a certain character to the walls surrounding your green space. Transform the empty spaces into walls that speak, by breathing in some magic with statement wall mirrors, dreamcatchers, frames, and other Pinterest-worthy illustrations. 

Get Wall Accents From: If you're looking for Dreamcatchers, get them from The Tassle Life. You can hang some crochet or macrame mirrors on the wall if you're going for a boho look, from Kaahira or Sashaa World. Prakrti Garden Boutique makes these super stylish wooden plant shelves for the wall that can hold your planter, and maybe a frame or some books. 

Shell Out: INR 700 onward 

Lights Will Guide You...To Your Garden

Kohana Homes

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You'll be surprised how lights turn your garden into THE spot in your house. Warm lighting can really radiate positive vibes, and if you're looking to create a super LIT corner in your garden space, adding some bunting lights, earthen lamps, fairy lights, concealed lights, and even hanging lanterns (depending on the space and size of your garden) will work its magic. You can also go for mosaic lamps, fairy lights, and hanging votives.

Get Lights From: Kohana Homes is known for its colourful hanging lanterns at budget-friendly prices. For a royal touch, add these Moroccan lanterns from Aapno Rajasthan. You will get great string and fairy lights from Glimmer Lightings too. Try to create a canopy on the ceiling of your balcony with string lights or bunting lights too, for a hippie look. 

Shell Out: INR 600 onward 

The Right Furniture (And Furnishings) Make All The Difference

Set up a small table with some chairs for an Alice-In-Wonderland-style al fresco dining spot, if you have a huge backyard garden. Or, bring in some floor cushions and throw some colourful cushions on top of them if you've got a small and cozy balcony space. At the end of the day, a garden space is meant to bust a few of your stresses, while you sip on your evening tea there, or sit with your BAE and watch a film (and the setting sun) together. And the right furniture or furnishings make all the difference. 

Get Furniture From: Sirohi by Skilled Samaritan Foundation makes excellent recycled Charpoy Benches and Patterned Stools for your home and garden space. Do check out Sheen Decor and Amoliconcepts for garden stools, and Hangit for hammocks, in case you have a bigger space in your garden. 

Shell Out: INR 4,000 onward 

Get Furnishings From: If you have a smaller space but want to build a cozy reading corner, rely on brands like Pinklay, IKEA, and Thoppia, for floor cushions. Also, check out Shop on LBB's collection of cushions. 

Shell Out: INR 800 onward 

How About A Fairy Garden?

If you thought that fairy gardens are just fun garden activities for kids, think again. A new study shows that fairy gardens are the most searched for online. They've been in demand all of 2021, and they continue to be loved by plant parents. These miniature gardens create whimsical, fantasy scenes, typically involving fairy figurines and miniatures of fairy homes. Many designs are exceptionally detailed. Some people also take the fairy garden theme large-scale, building human-sized doors into trees in their gardens, or opting for full-sized sculptures of fairies. However, it is the most suitable for smaller and cozier balcony spaces. 

Get Fairy Gardens From: Make a magical backyard by purchasing fairy gardens from Chiguru- The Miniature Garden Store, or Muddy Waters Mini Gardens. You can also opt for terrariums from Trust Basket or Flower Aura

Shell Out: INR 1,000 onward 

Plan A Grand Welcome For The Birdies


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One cannot not like the chirping sound of the birds in the morning (or any time of the day to be honest). It's like music to the ears. Birds are most attracted to gardens with the maximum amount of greenery, or when you hang a bird feeder or a birdhouse for them, with some bird food. If you want to have a soothing ambience in your garden, adding these feeders will enhance the authenticity of your green space, and also give it a quirky look. 

Get Birdhouses/Feeders From: Jaypore has really sturdy and pretty doubledecker birdhouses. You can also get this DIY chirping box cum house from The Nestery. Brown Living has elegant and sustainable bamboo birdhouses too. 

Shell Out: INR 500 onward 

Or, Get Those Soothing Chimes!


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In addition to the chirping of the birds, how about the melodic sounds of windchimes? There’s something serene and soothing about the sounds made by wind chimes in the breeze. A perfect wind chime for the garden space will be the one that looks like an aesthetic piece of artwork but functions like a percussive instrument. A colourful windchime will ideally stand out in a home garden, amongst all the foliage. If you're decking up an outdoor garden space, or your lounging space, you can go for metallic chimes instead. 

Get Windchimes From: Forestkraft has lovely metallic wind chimes for your garden's walls. Get this crescent moon-shaped win chime from Knotty Rope. Or go for handcrafted shell wind chimes from Leafy Stories. 

Shell Out: INR 500 onward 


You may also want to add scented candles in your garden area, to enhance the aura and create an oasis of positive vibes. Also, head here for inspiration on Ways To Create A Cosy Outdoor Space and Decorate Small Balconies.