Bready Or Not, Here It Crumbs: This Contemporary Restaurant In SoBo Is All About Getting Dirty

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What Makes It Awesome

As you enter Dirty Buns, a contemporary outlet in Kamala Mills you can’t help but notice a bright neon sign which reads ‘Let’s Get Dirty’. Pretty much sums up a vibrant and a vivacious vibe the space offers.

Dirty Buns decor and interior is inspired from different cities around the world including Mumbai’s Art Deco heritage, neon-lit clubs from London and dive bars from Brooklyn. As the name suggests, this fine-dine eatery is all about rolls, bread, buns and baos – so be prepped to get high on carbs. The menu is specially curated by the popular Korean chef, Boo Kim, and features the best rolls, baos and desserts you could ask for.  Kim was loved during his stint in Bastian and now that he’s back with this exciting eatery, we honestly couldn’t keep calm and check out what new he’s got for us. 

So, here’s what the cuisine and the food look like. Spoiler Alert: If you’re on a keto diet, you’ll probably have to leave it behind for one day. We started off with their classic Avocado salad and Quinoa Falafel salad and then straight jumped into carbs. We tried the delicious and cheesy Mac and Cheese rolls, Pork Tonkatsu Bao and Korean Fried Chicken Bao. To end it on a sweet note, we feasted on their lip-smacking desserts including Fried Candy Bao and The Dirty Boo. 

Find your old and classic favourites at the bar, but of course with a dirty twist. We sipped on their signature dirty cocktails including Dirty Bun Martini, Dirty Mary and Dirty Matrini. What uplifts this amazing experience is their great choice of music. Think 80s and 90s classics, hip-hop and reggae.

As it's located in the commercial hub of Mumbai - Kamala Mills - Dirty Buns is a great option to grab bites and drinks post office. Or a great party starter where you can pre-game and then head out! So, we’re saying gang up with your dirty-minded friends and head to Dirty Buns for a crazy and a wild night with delicious food, great cocktails and lively music. 

P.S: We feel that most of the dishes on the menu could be made Keto-friendly as well, taking care of the needs of health freaks. For instance, rolls and baos can be simply be replaced by Lettuce Cups! 


Well, if you’re a fan of too much bread in one go, we’d say balance it out with their healthy and scrumptious salads.