Broken-Hearted? We Tried Out Mumbai's Very Own Break-Up Helpline


The Breakup Helpline is a Mumbai-based business which offers counselling to the broken-hearted over email, phone calls and Whatsapp.

How Does It Work?

The helpline was started in 2012, though we only came across it recently. We were fascinated by such a unique initiative being launched in our very own Mumbai. According to the website, the service promises to be available for their clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

They will answer all situational problems someone might face {why isn’t he/she calling me?}, send inspirational quotes for the tougher scenarios {how could they move on so fast with that hottie from their gym?} and give you all the attention you need during dark moments {why god, why?}.

You can choose a type of helpline service on the basis of your needs. The ‘mini shot’ for INR 500, valid for three days of complaining and wallowing, a Whatsapp shot for INR 1,500 for two weeks of unlimited texting, INR 2,500 for the mini breakup kit, for everything from emails and calls to personal meetings and fun activities to get your mind off the matter. Interestingly, they also have doctor on demand for INR 1,000 per consultation, who can answer all your questions.

So We Tried It

We signed up on the website, and within 24 hours, we had a response in our inbox asking for more details about what went wrong in our romantic life. While we took a day or two to respond {wracking our brains for the right fictional problem to have}, they dropped us another email, sounding concerned about our well-being.

At this point, we wrote back a slightly halting, yet clearly heart-broken email. They replied to our admittedly sparse details with a long, point-by-point breakdown with what had presumably gone wrong in our last relationship. Some of the points were surprisingly insightful, while some were obviously a bit of a reach. The email exchange went back and forth for a while {by the end of which we were kind of scratching our heads about what problem to present}. All their answers were prompt, detailed and thoughtful. Also interestingly, all these initial emails are free of cost.

They also followed up every morning after that with a check-in email, inquiring about our well-being.

So We're Thinking...

We can definitely see how this service would be surprisingly useful, especially to the heart-broken who don’t want to deal with the well-meaning but misguided advice from friends which usually includes some version of ‘you’re better off’. We say don’t waste time being bummed out about your last romantic misadventure, and drop them an email now.

Check out their website here for more details and to sign up.