Morning Glory: Hangover-Friendly Breakfasts For The Morning After


    If you’re too familiar with that stomach-churning feeling the morning after an especially fun party, please join The Breakfast Club – LBB style. Here is a list of places you can head to (or order in from) after a booze-soaked night.

    The Nutcracker

    A popular place known for its cosy ambience, comfort is exactly what you need to nail a hangover in the head. At Nutcracker, your taste buds can snuggle with Belgian waffles, oats porridge, hummus and pita or buttermilk pancakes. Very popular for their egg dishes, they are an all-day breakfast place (more of them, please). So, if your concept of time is not in sync with the world, head to Nutcracker.

    Price for 2: INR 1,200

    Ellipsis Bakery

    The breakfast at Ellipsis Bakery will treat you to bagel bombs (to make up for the Jager bombs), chicken galettes, granola, hot chocolate. They also have chlorophyll yogurt, topped with berries and edible flowers. We’re definitely trying that out.

    Price for 2: INR 400

    Le Pain Quotidien, Multiple Outlets

    LPQ's got an extensive breakfast + brunch menu. We adore the Red Rice Poha and the French Toast, washed down with a tall glass of fresh juice. 

    Price for 2: INR 2,000

    The Farmer's Cafe

    Wanna eat clean to make up for last night? This is the place to pick. While we adore the veggie breakfast tartines, vegan granola, and the fresh juice mixes, we suggest you head here for an extensive keto menu with options across cuisines. 

    Price for 2: INR 1,000

    Jamjar Diner, Bandra and Versova

    Jamjar Diner

    Bandra West, Mumbai

    JamJar is a foolproof bet for comfort food, but we love their breakfast spread too! They've got an abundance of vegan, keto and gluten-free options, and great coffee, too.

    Price for 2: INR 1,500

    1 BHK, Oshiwara

    This cozy spot in Oshiwara doesn't have a huge menu, but definitely ticks all the boxes for taste. If you're not feeling particularly ravenous, we suggest trying their range of smoothies and fresh juices - especially if you're hungover! Try the banana, peanut butter and cacao nib smoothie.

    Price for 2: INR 1,600

    The Bandra Project

    This joint has a breakfast food to die for! Its got comfort food, and indulgent options. We loved their Matcha and Avocado smoothie, and their Overnight Oats and Chia Pudding.

    Price for 2: INR 1,600