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This Duo Is Repurposing Used & Broken Umbrellas To Make New Ones For The Needy

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The Umbrella Men

If you’ve been in Mumbai for even a single rainy day, you will know the mayhem that this city faces every time there's a downpour. Jeet Goyal and Vimal Cherangattu were on their way to the office on one such day when it was pouring. And, looking at the needy and the homeless getting drenched in the relentless rain caught their attention and they decided to do something about it. They started urging people to give used or broken umbrellas to them, so they could get them repaired and distribute them to the needy. What started with just the two of them has now snowballed into a closed Facebook group of volunteers, where they discuss their collections and progress, besides figuring logistics. They are a bunch of 15 odd volunteers, all friends, and friends of friends, coming together for a noble cause. And they have received support from some of the big guys out there – Vishal Dadlani, Vir Das, Rahul Subramaniam, and Sahil Bulla have all put shout-outs on their social media platforms that gave this umbrella collection a massive push. And, all of this within four-five days of being around. Amazing, right?If you’re keen on doing your bit, just get in touch with either Jeet Goyal (+91 90046 94123) or Vimal Cherangattu (+91 9870681380) and they’ll make sure the umbrellas are collected from wherever you are.July 29, The Day: Jeet and his team of volunteers will go far and wide in the city handing out fully working umbrellas to the homeless, prepping them for the rains when they next unleash its fury. Do you bit, help them help so many more and sleep well at night.