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Shop Dapper Shoes, Bags and Accessories from Bronnko

    What Makes It Awesome

    He's dapper, he dresses well, and he loves his footwear, bags and wallets. Oh, but he's also vegan? No worries, he's still got plenty of options to choose from! Brands like Mumbai-based Bronnko have been fashioning travel bags, laptop bags, awesome wallets and fun footwear, all out of vegan leather. Vegan leather is made of polyurethane, pineapple leaves, cork, and even recycled plastic waste!

    So if the man in your life is all-in for the environment and/or animal rights, a brand like Bronnko is totally worth supporting. Their footwear range is pretty large, and they've got all the usual essentials men need - matte brown loafers, sandals and espadrilles. But they do have a more flamboyant range of shiny tasselled footwear, too!

    Price: INR 500 and up