Have You Tried Bubble Tea Yet? Here's Where You Can Get It In Mumbai

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Bubble tea is a Taiwanese street staple and was introduced to the Indian palate a few years ago, and we love Mr Bubbles for their authentic and varied versions of it.

Sip On

Dr. Bubbles, with three outlets in the city, gave the masses variety. And with that, the whole trend took off. They have milk-based teas {almond, vanilla, chocolate, masala and others}, fruit teas {peach kiwi, green apple and a lot more} and yogurt milkshakes {banana, raspberry, caramel} to choose from. Toppings include freshly-made tapioca, fruit-based jellies, popping fruit bubbles and chocolate chips too. A small glass will cost you INR 130 and a large glass INR 150 upward.

#LBBTip: Although Dr, Bubbles is the most popular option, you can also find it at Tea Trails outlets {they are spread across the city} and Trikaya in Andheri. The one time we tried the Tea Trails in Parel, they were out of tapioca pearls, which left us outraged, so make sure you check ahead of time that they have the drink you want.

So, We're Saying...

Bubbles tea is an acquired taste for some and some absolutely love it. The popping bubbles do make for an experience. Also, if you’re not a fan of sugar, you can ask the outlet to make it as per your preference.