Budget-Drinking Scenes? These Affordable Bars Will Not Burn A Hole In Your Pocket


    The workload from your office that might demand you put in extra hours can definitely be a mood dampener, but nothing lifts spirits like an after-work drink, even on a weekday. When the cold and potent cocktails mix with the chatter of good friends, happiness lingers in the air and the week ahead becomes a tad bit easy.

    With the rather fancy bars making their way into Mumbai, we have rounded off a list of some of the affordable bars  that aren't close to being shady, but aren't close to being super expensive either. So here's where you can grab a drink without burning a hole in your pocket. Chuggit?

    P.S: Shop on LBB has a lot of alcohol mixers that you can check out too, in case you're planning to bring the bar (and the party) home! Also, if you're looking to buy alcohol in wholesale rates for house parties, tap on to this list. 

    Social (Multiple Outlets)

    When Social first opened their doors in Mumbai, everyone flocked the bar to get a taste of what Bengaluru and Delhi were raving about! With drinks like Shimla Mirch Martini and their popular Bob's Bong L.I.I.T, Social became the go-to bar for drinks with friends (we'd go alone too). Today, Socials is spread across so many outlets in the city. We love the Versova Social, Khar Social, and Vashi Social the most for how lit and cost-effective they are. They also serve delicious food, be it finger food or main courses; and you might want to pair it with your favourite drink and have a gala time (in your tummies too).

    Shell Out: Cocktails here start at INR 295

    Monkey Bar, Bandra

    Monkey Bar

    Bandra West, Mumbai

    If you know us, you'd be aware of how much we love hanging around Bandra and we found Monkey Bar, an absolute gem to dine and wine at. From desi cocktails to Indianized food, this gastropub hits just the right notes for a chill evening with friends. We loved the Saat Rasta (it's a legit drink) and the Chocolate Pot De Creme With Salted Caramel (oh drool).

    Shell Out: Cocktails here start at INR 420 approximately.

    Radio Bar, Khar

    From the guys behind Silver Beach Cafe and Copa, comes Khar’s Radio Bar. With elements like cassettes, vinyl records and microphones, it’s retro ambience makes it worth the visit with your tribe. With your drinks, you could try their signature tenderloin chilly fry and butter garlic prawns. 

    Shell Out: Cocktails here start at INR 315.

    Doolally (Multiple Outlets)

    Doolally Taproom

    Kemps Corner, Mumbai

    This one’s a special mention for the beer-lovers (for some, nothing else matters). Its famous Apple Cider, Wheat Beer and Oatmeal Stout are worth the try. They also whip up some delicious dishes. Don't forget to try their House Fries-they never disappoint.

    Shell Out: Pints here start at INR 200.

    Pop Tate's, Andheri

    Pop Tate's

    Lower Parel, Mumbai

    Pop Tate's is a very convenient joint. And since its almost everywhere in the city, chilling there post work is very ideal. The food's good, the cocktails and drinks are reasonably priced and the service is great too. What else does one need when on a budget? Oh and try the jungle cooler and guava mary when you're at the joint 

    Shell Out: INR 299 onward.

    Social Townhouse, Vashi

    This humble community bar and kitchen in Navi Mumbai's Vashi is a super cool hangout spot for college students, office goers, and just a lot of people who'd want to have fun and croon to amazing Bollywood numbers. The decor is bricky and vintage, with posters all over the walls (and ceiling too) and the staff is super hospitable. Don't forget to call for an Old Monk for INR 40 only. And if you think this is cheap, wait till you check their Happy Hour menu! 

    Shell Out: INR 90 onward 

    PJ's, Khar


    Bandra West, Mumbai

    This gymkhana club’s bar and restaurant is not 'members only' like most of the club bars in the city. We'll recommend PJ's for dirt-cheap drinks and gobsmacking Chinese food (tried and tested) There is a dress code here though- no slippers allowed and no-shorts for men- so it’s a good place to go to if you want to dress up a little or grab a few cheap drinks before heading to a fancier party spot.

    Shell Out: INR 100 onward

    P.S: Pay an entry fee of INR 50 before entering the bar.