No One To Bug You Now: This Quirky Brand Makes Mosquito-Repellant Clothing

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What Makes It Awesome

There are Goodnight Liquidators and Hit Sprays, but have you ever heard of any clothing brand that's taking things a step ahead and makes bug-repellant clothing? If you think that's impossible, read on to know about our new discovery - a brand that goes by the name of Bugshield.

Even the most recommended insect-repelling products can lead to reactions. Then, the coils burn-out, creams & lotions sweat-away, sprays need a repeat application, and fumigants have serious side-effects. World Health Organization (WHO) too lists insect repellent clothing as one of the best ways to avoid insect-borne diseases like Dengue, Zika and Malaria. And so, to take matters into their own hands, founders Reetinder and Sukhpal came up with Bugshield - where every piece of clothing is safe. They have a varied range of casual wear, workwear, seasonal wear, and accessories. We love the mosquito-repellant wraps/scarves the most though- they come in different colours like pink, turquoise, maroon, navy, beige, green and more. For INR 799, they really are worth the deal because of the quality plus the bug-repellant feature. 

Bugshield also makes super elegant and well-fitting polo shirts, round neck tees, and pyjamas that you can invest in. We don't know what the formula behind this super cool clothing brand is, but we love how innovative and thoughtful the move is. And the clothing really doesn't attract bugs of any kind, even when they're in the cupboard, or worn in the outdoors. So it is a win-win! 


You can shop for Bugshield's scarves on Shop On LBB.