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Build Your Kinda Fries, Add Insane Toppings & Sauces All For INR 100 At This Vile Parle Eatery

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Lovers and enthusiasts of potatoes and its many forms, listen up. We found a tiny eatery in Vile Parle called the Burger Fries Factory, making, well burgers and fries {no shit, Sherlock}.

Build Your Own Fries

Burger Fries Factory {is it strange that it abbreviates to BFF?} is not meant for the faint-hearted and is strictly for cheat days. The menu has in it burgers, pizza, garlic bread, fries and for some godforsaken reason, even salads if you want to balance it out.

The holiest offering of all is definitely the fries, or specifically the BFF fries combo. For INR 100, you choose a fry type {regular, masala or peri peri}, any one sauce {options are endless from cheesy jalapeno, mint mayo, sweet chilli, tandoori, thousand island, pizza, and a gazillion more}.

Then, a topping – could be veg cheese shots, grilled chicken, chicken popcorn, and lastly, a veggie for the health quotient. All this is just for INR 100, and if you choose the non-veg option, then for INR 130. There is no seating here however, so you can just hang around there to bite into the food.

So, We’re Saying…

The fries are pretty insane, and not just that, they serve twisted potatoes on a stick too. Go on then, indulge a little {or a lot}. You can even order in for a true couch potato experience.