Get Delicious Gourmet Burgers On The Go At This Outlet!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Bun & only, gourmet burgers on the go. Super soft buns with a thick patty. Neatly packed. Got my hands on the following

* Classic chicken cheddar: This was amazing. Bun smeared with buffalo sauce topped with grilled chicken patty + melted cheddar & fried egg (cheesy eggy) super delish

* Camembert & apple: I loved this a little extra. Camembert cheese on a bed of sweet apple chutney with orange glazed and dressed aragula this was savage

* Lamb & mint: Rich & meaty. Lamb patty infused wit flavours of mint harissa aioli and marinated feta cubes on a bed of romaine lettuce. An outburst of flavours, an absolute delight. Super filling.

Do check on the fries they have different flavours. Everything's prepped inhouse the buns, sauces & the ketchup

* The classic basque cheesecake a must-try. It was wow. Though not a cheesecake fan this was beautiful. Do not miss this. Its super yum

Go for it, call for 'em lovelies.