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Team Bride: Check Out These Villas Near Mumbai For A Perfect Bachelorette Getaway


    Is your BFF getting hitched, and the responsibility of making her bachelorette has come down to solely, well, you? No pressure, right? Don’t worry, friend. Pick any of these villas or bungalow stays near Mumbai, round up the bachelorette crew and head here with your belongings {read: drinks, props and portable speakers} for a weekend and really, the party is sorted already!

    A Cottage By The Kashid Beach

    Have a bride-to-be who loves the sun and sand? Pick this cottage stay in Kashid with a gorgeous patio, four bedrooms {which open out to the patio}, a large living room to chill in. Located at a distance of about 5 minutes {even less if you sprint} from the beach, this place will be a delightful little vacation with your group. Just remember to carry along the bare necessities and snacks as the stay doesn’t warrant kitchen access.

    A night’s stay is about INR 11,500 for seven guests. Book here.

    P.S. Since this is an Airbnb stay, do contact the hosts and ask for their house rules.

    A Villa In Alibaug

    The Kapadia Bungalow is a gorgeous, spacious bungalow in Alibaug, perfect for the languorous and laid-back group of friends. A villa with four rooms, an expansive courtyard, a swimming pool to dip into and a lawn with a swing, this one’s perfect. The place is fit for 10 people, and the accommodation is a little expensive at about INR 30,000 a night for the four rooms {that could be divided to about INR 3, 000 per person, if a group of 10 visits}. 

    Book here for a really fun bachelorette.

    A Private Bungalow In Khopoli

    Throw a major rager of a party for your bachelorette, or friend’s bachelorette at this offbeat bungalow in Khopoli called ‘Holiday Aapke Liye’. A three-bedroom villa, this has a pool, a jacuzzi, WiFi and everything necessary for a bachelorette pad.

    The cost? INR 16,000 a night {approximately}, and up to 10 people can stay here, so that’s a fair deal. Read more about it here.


    The Sea-Facing Villa At Dapoli

    The Villa 270° is the real winner of bachelorette stays, in our opinion. This is a five-bedroom villa with beautiful interiors. There’s a gorgeous terrace with a dining area that overlooks the Arabian sea where we can envision putting our music on loud, grabbing a few drinks {alcohol consumption is allowed here, but *other things* are not}, and spending the night talking away.

    You can book any number of rooms here, the Jaiswanti room {with the terrace opening} is the star, of course. The prices are  about INR 17,000 per night for a room. Find out more info and make a booking here or on airBnB here.

    A Farm In Karjat

    We’ve told you before, and we’re telling you again – Tanmay Farms in Karjat is ideal for a really fun weekend plan, because it can house a group up to 10-15 people, has a swimming pool, a basketball court and get this – a trampoline and cycling track. Talk about a raging and unique bachelorette.
    The price for that is INR 28,000 per night. Call +91 77699 51416 for details and check out the website here.


    A word for the wise? The word ‘bachelorette’ is slightly intimidating when approaching property owners, but we recommend using subtler phrases such as a ‘girl’s trip’ when making a booking. Also, plan ahead and book your stay well in advance to avoid upsets.