A Bibliophile's Dream: Get These Limited Edition Bags Inspired By Books


The Burlap People, a brand that sells handcrafted, eco-friendly bags has collaborated with Penguin India to create bags that can make any bibliophile go weak in the knees.

What To Buy

Loved by us commoners and celebrities alike, The Burlap People is a cult indie brand that sells lovely, handcrafted bags. Recently, they were asked by Penguin India to create bags inspired by books. And boy, did they do an awesome job of it. Part of a campaign called #BooksNotBorders , it aims to narrow the India-Pakistan divide, one thread at a time.

Inspired by three authors and their creations, it features Exit West by Mohsin Hamid, The Golden Legend by Nadeem Aslam and Snuffing Out The Moon by Osama Siddique. Priced at INR 3,200, these bags have us yearning for more such creations by Burlap. These are limited edition, so be quick. 

So, We're Saying...

Gift one to that friend who always has his/her nose in a book, or to your mom/dad who could flaunt this to their friends or just keep one for yourself. This is quite the collection to have.