Dress Your Doggo: This Designer Stitches Clothes For Pets!


    What Makes It Awesome

    The internet's full of pups and cattos wearing adorable outfits! Whether it's a little raincoat and booties for outdoor walks, or a full-blown princess costume, our furries can all really pull off just about anything!

    So if you're preparing for a special occasion, and realising only as an afterthought that  you have nothing special planned for your pet... How about gifting them a brand-spankin'-new outfit so they look, ahem, appropriately dressed?

    Is it a shaadi? Well, get Simba a puppy Sherwani, then! A cool reception party? A three-piece suit is what we'd deem appropriate. An elaborate AF photo sesh at home for the furry babies in the house? Try onesies, mermaid costumes, or even an angelic get-up.

    The best part about Pannkh is that the designs are a 100% customized. This stuff is not going to fit wonky, or make your pet uncomfortable, because it's been tailor-made to fit! And it's pocket friendly too!

    Price: INR 500 onwards