Forget Aloo Parantha, This Butter Chicken Parantha Is What You Should Be Eating Right Now


You read that right- butter chicken paranthas are a reality and we cannot thank Oye Kiddan enough for home-delivering these beauties to us!

Say Whaaat?

We’re crazy about butter chicken {who isn’t?}, and we love paranthas, so when the two are perfectly combined, it’s a dream come true. We’re loving the butter chicken paranthas launched by Oye Kiddan, and the smoky flavour is really what sets them apart. The chicken is marinated for 24 hours, then roasted on the tandoor, and then cooked completely the North Indian way. The meat is then shredded and and stuffed into the amazing whole wheat paranthas and served with the butter chicken gravy {stop drooling}. This heavenly meal is priced at INR 120 and makes for an amazing, wholesome lunch or dinner, and is available at their Bandra and Santacruz outlets.

So, We're Saying...

All you need to do now is call Oye Kiddan and place your order. And thank us later.