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Buy A Hot Air Balloon Lamp Or A Chalkboard Mug To Write On From This Store


    We found awesome and amazing lighting options with Poppadum Art and here’s why you should browse through to get that perfect home decor piece for your house.

    What Makes It Awesome

    Their collection includes everything from kitchen accessories to lighting options, extending to T-shirts you can write on {that’s right}.

    Although the T-shirts come in kiddie sizes as of now and are priced at INR 550, it’ll be great if they made them for adults {we’d like to write a lot of stuff on our friends’ T-shirts}. Till they make those T-shirts for adults, you can always get their chalk board mugs at INR 275. They also have a painted Old Monk bottle with a cork that can be used as a canter or a lamp.

    It comes at INR 950 and can make for a great gift, specially for your rum-loving friend. We also love their kettle lamps that’ll light up a dull corner in seconds. A no-brainer for chai lovers priced at INR 3,000. Their best-selling article is the hot air balloon lamp at INR 2,700. It’s a ceiling lamp that’ll brighten up your house, while the balloon is up, up, away.


    If you’ve been looking to revamp your space/house, Poppadum can be considered, also mainly because you really don’t wish to step out in the heat.