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Green & Sustainable Gifts That You, Your Wallet And The Planet Will Love!

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Know a friend or a relative who's always making dinner party conversations about climate change? Or you've decided to make 2021 all about conscious decision making and shopping? Well, in either case, we've rounded up some really cool sustainable and eco-friendly gifting options which are sure to make your folks, wallet and the planet happy.

The Care Bundle

The Care Bundle


As the name suggests, this curated box includes an array of sustainable items like bamboo earbuds, bamboo toothbrush, bamboo razor (for both men and women), neem wood comb, cooper tongue cleaner and loofah. This pack is ideal for those folks who travel often. 

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Upcycled Neem Candle Stand

Lit Tree Tea Light Holders - Set of 3

Here's why we love every product from Soulspiti. They're simply so zen, sustainable and also double as decor. And my personal favourite are these upcycled neem wood tea light candle holders. They're a great addition if you're looking to brighten up your empty and boring corners.          

Eco-Friendly Sound Amplifier

Pine Eco-Friendly Sound Amplifier


This one's for your tech geek and music-loving friends. An eco-friendly sound amplifier, this device is made from pine wood and is sure to make your music listening experience better.     

Upcycled Notebook With A Rich Indigo Hue

Indigo Tic Tac Toe Upcycled Handmade Notebook


One can never go wrong with notebooks. This recycled notebook with a rich Indigo hue has always been a crowd-pleaser and is ideal for planning, keeping a tab of budget while traveling or simply jotting down thoughts. 

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Bamboo Succulent Holder

Geometrical Bamboo Succulent Planter


This succulent planter is a great way to infuse vibrancy, greenery and chicness in your folk's home (or yours, if you're tempted to buy it). Tiny and thoughtful, this is ideal for a house-warming, festive dinner party or simply to gift your colleague too. 

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Platable Calendar

Seed Paper Calendar 2021 - Bloom


As the name suggests, this calendar from Plantables is made from seed paper which means after every month, you can turn that paper into a plant. This way your gift stays with them forever!