Coconut Vibes: This Eco-Friendly Brand Is Our New Crush

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Eco Bowls

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What Makes It Awesome

Quick question. What do you associate coconut with?

Lush trees spread across Kerala. Coconut oil for your hair. Or the popular phrase: hard on the outside, but soft and tender on the inside. Well, yep! These are more or less few things we associate coconuts with. But, for the good peeps in Eco Bowls, it meant something completely innovative and revolutionary. An eco-friendly and sustainable e-store, Eco Bowls, is a great initiative which upcycles coconut shells into chic, biodegradable and handcrafted bowls. Thus, giving us a reason to cut down on our usage of plastic bowls and kickstarting a conscious lifestyle with this one small step. 

Every year, there are tons and tons of coconut shells discarded in multiple South Asian countries. They are either burned or are thrown in landfills. However, this does not have to be the case. And this brand proves it. Eco Bowls handpicks these discarded raw coconut shells. These shells are then cleaned by removing the husk, shaped and trimmed and polished using coconut oil. And voila! The final product is a classy and handcrafted bowl which can be used for your salad, snack or smoothies even. And these come with stunning handpainted designs. 

Apart from the coconut bowls, you can also opt for their bamboo cutlery straws and cutlery sets. Oh, and they've got one cute vegan candle which comes set in a coconut bowl.Their collection starts from INR 299 and upwards. 


Also, avoid putting these bowls in oven, refrigerator, dishwasher or microwave. And ideally, do not use these for extremely hot food items.