Cute Meets Chic: Crochet Mirror Frame Is Our Newest Obsession!

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Twisted Needle

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What Makes It Awesome

From making your space look bigger and brighter to adding a royal touch to your walls - a mirror is one of the easiest decor hacks to elevate your space. Seeing the potential of this piece of glass, more and more decor e-stores are introducing decor accessories and accents surrounding this trend. 

One of them is Twisted Needles. Founded by Anu Sabharwal, a crochet design and decor junkie,  this homegrown brand specialises in stunning crochet themed home decor. While we'll deep dive into their entire collection soon, we'd like to start with our fave - crochet mirror frame. Starting at INR 1,600 - these pretty decor pieces is sure to make any boring wall lively and instantly uplift your living area or your entrance too. Tip: as these are mainly available in lighter hues, place it against a dark-hued wall to make the most of it. 

Apart from their stunning mirrors, they've also got planters, lanterns, crochet mason jars, bunting (ideal to hang in front of your room doors), and more. Most of their collection ranges from INR 1,000 to 2,000 - so these also make great gifts for your loved ones and folks.    


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