Enough Of Chappals! Wear These Comfy Chic Flats At Home Instead

    We've put our heels, wedges and sneakers inside the cupboard, opening it once in a while to make sure they're still gorgeous, right? Well, we've started investing wisely in trendy flip flops that are being worn every hour of the day. So, it made a lost of sense to share what we've been up to and find you something you like as well. After all, being comfortable is key, and there's no lock that we've put you behind! So, let's get straight to it - fashionable, comfortable and all-round perfect flats or slippers that you must treat yourself to. 

    For Those Who Love All Things Chic

    Flip Flops

    You say flip-flops are casual? Think again. Caucho has changed our perception about flip-flops. This amazing eco-friendly and sustainable brand is churning out the chicest plastic-free and vegan flip-flops.  

    Price: INR 700 and upwards

    For Crazy Kawaii Lovers

    Printed Bow Embellished Pink Slides

    Printed Bow Embellished Pink Slides

    ₹ 1199

    These pink sliders from Kaltheos with a printed bow are simply so kawaii. If you love all things cutesy, these are for you, my friend. At the same time, they've also got a super sturdy sole and offer comfort any slipper would. 

    Price: INR 1,200

    Suckers Of All Things Black

    Glossy Faux Leather Strap Slides

    ₹ 578

    Black's your jam? Well, these glossy black strapped sliders from Zavo is something you'll be obsessed with. Handcrafted with faux leather, these sliders are here to instantly elevate your WFH look. 

    Price: INR 600

    For The Attention Seekers

    Drama Queen Pastel Pink Slides

    ₹ 999

    Attention seeker at home? Well, let your shoes speak for you! Colourful, vibrant and super funky, these sliders are for almost every type of shoe lover. These come with a sassy 'Drama Queen' text in a super cool font!

    Price: INR 999

    PS: They've got tons of sliders with sassy quotes. Check 'em out here.

    For Wannabe Rappers

    Gully Rapper Lightweight Women's Slider

    These sliders are for all the music lovers out there. With cool rapper-themed doodles, these sliders are super comfy and perfect if you like slightly loose sliders and not tight-fitting ones. 

    Price: INR 499

    For Tie-Dye Lovers (And Those Happy To Splurge)

    Tie Dye Fly Sliders

    No beach? No problem! These tie-dye pastel blue sliders had to make it to our list. Yep, slightly on the higher end for 'ghar ke slippers' but look at this pair! Of course, once everything's back to normal, you can always flaunt these out. 

    Price: INR 2, 900 

    For The Dainty Ones

    Bow Detail Golden Slides

    Bow Detail Golden Slides

    ₹ 500

    OMG! These satin bow sliders won our hearts. And to be honest, yes it's a little too much to wear at home, yet we're going ahead and adding these silky smooth beauties to our carts. Worst case, your parents or siblings will make a joke of it. We can take that. 

    Price: INR 500 (Legit no need to think twice)


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